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  1. Isn't that the combination you get when the Jordan logo is your secondary logo and you start up Teambuilder?
  2. and where's the U on the helmet? Edit: Nevermind
  3. Those. Are. Terrible. I only like the Sebastian on the gloves, it gives them that "U" feel. To be honest, they look like very high quality practice jerseys. Hopefully they get some Orange throwbacks or something of that nature. Maybe a all white? Who cares. These very well might be ONE OF Adidas' worst uniform designs of all time.
  4. I have returned from my suspension like Jameis WInston and now I'm ready to take over the board
  5. Yes it's been terrible so far. We as FSU fans have standards. 7 losses in 3 years is unacceptable imo.
  6. Facts, these new unis are cursed and I don't really like them that much. Maybe I'll like them in 10 years. Our "iconic" unis are simple and basically perfect.
  7. Ehhh they're pretty nice but I think they need to incorporate some more white. They look pretty basic to me.
  8. What's eveybodies opinion on Nevadas new practice jersey? Oh wait they're full time
  9. Lmao I'm that 1% of FSU fans that believe that we're the best sports program of all time
  10. I guess you don't live here. He's worshipped as the goat here.
  11. Return the FSU collars this instant! anyways, I like what you did with all of these tbh. You deserve a job at Nike. If you really want to make FSU fans happy, you return our old jerseys from the 90's.
  12. Nebraska can't win at anything. They need to go Nike immediately.
  13. I live in Atlanta, yet I'm a saints fan. I hate the falcons with all my heart and I hate the bulldogs even more, however, Deion Sanders from FSU came here and gave it some love. Here's my picks for the Mount Rushmore of Atlanta. Deion Sanders Herschel Walker Hank Aaron Dominque Wilkins Honorable Mentions: Hines Ward Walt Frazier Fran Tarkenton Spud Webb
  14. Ooh goodie more football leagues. This will fail. The USFL is the closest we had to something being as popular as the NFL and was becuase of Herschel Walker. Let's see if a top tier college talent wastes his future by going to the MLF (milf?) instead of the NFL.