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  1. I hope that this isn't the final court design. The court just looks busy with too much blue and overuse of their team name. IMO they shouldn't use the primary logo since the baselines already says MINNESOTA & TIMBERWOLVES. Instead, the center court should have the secondary logo.
  2. Here's a video of Jimmy Butler wearing the new jersey and I still can't find myself liking it. The white bar seems out of place and very distracting. It looks just like a practice jersey!
  3. There are 6 teams missing from this photo. Can you name them?
  4. This is by far the worst new jerseys from Nike. Trash.
  5. Not feeling the white waistband
  6. It reminds me of the hideous 'collar' when Nike incorporated them on all NFL jerseys.
  7. From what I wolves unis wouldn't be out til end of august.
  8. The uniform is busy looking..removing the word pacers would look a lil simpler I think.