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  1. I threw together this realignment of major league baseball, with 32 teams, to try to have more of those "exciting" regional interleague matchups (Brewers/Twins, Cubs/White Sox, Angels/Dodgers, Giants/A's, Mets/Yankees, etc.) occur more frequently throughout the season, and allow for the opportunity for potential interleague postseason matchups and an intraleague world series: MLB North: MLB South: MLB East: MLB West: Montreal Expos (N) Cincinnati Reds (N) Boston Red Sox (A) Seattle Mariners (A) Toronto Blue Jays (A) Tampa Bay Rays (N) New York Yankees (A) SF Giants (N) Detroit Tigers (A) Atlanta Braves (N) New York Mets (N) Oakland A’s (A) Chicago Cubs (N) Miami Marlins (N) Pittsburgh Pirates (N) Colorado Rockies (N) Chicago White Sox (A) Mexico City (A) Philadelphia Phillies (N) LA Angels (A) Milwaukee Brewers (N) Kansas City Royals (A) Baltimore Orioles (A) LA Dodgers (N) Minnesota Twins (A) Texas Rangers (A) Washington Nationals (N) Arizona D-backs (A) St. Louis Cardinals (N) Houston Astros (A) Cleveland Indians (A) San Diego Padres (N) Of note, I decided that the Cardinals/Cubs rivalry would be more important to the MLB than the Cardinals/Royals interleague rivalry, so the Cardinals were placed in the North and Kansas City in the South. The Reds, Royals, and Indians are the most geographically out-of-line in this scenario, something that could be adjusted depending on where the expansion teams are placed or if any franchises should relocate. In this alignment, there could be 156 total games played per team, with each team playing 12 games against each team in its division and then one three game series against the 24 other teams in MLB. I also kept the National and American league designations, and in doing so each expansion franchise (Montreal and Mexico City) were placed in opposite leagues and Arizona and Tampa Bay had to switch leagues to maintain a balance of four NL teams and four AL teams per region. While I have kept the league designations, I think the playoff format would be more exciting if it were a twelve team postseason, with each regional winner being seeded 1-4 and the next 8 best records overall in the MLB being seeded 5-12. Playoff scheduling could be First Series, “WC Weekend (Fri.-Sun.)” – 5 v. 12, 6 v. 11, 7 v. 10, 8 v. 9. Four three game series. Second Series, “DS” – 1 v. (8/9) 2 v. (7/10), 3 v. (6/11), 4 v. (5/12). Four 5 game series. Third Series, “CS” – (1/8/9) v. (4/5/12), (2/7/10) v. (3/6/11). Two 7 game series. Fourth Series, “WS” – (1/8/9/4/5/12) v. (2/7/10/3/6/11). One 7 game series. The Wild Card weekend would have a very march madness type of feeling, with games being "around the clock" Friday through Sunday, with each divisional region offering a neutral site for a game to be played. This allows a spread of games from Eastern to Pacific time. Otherwise, games could just be played at the higher seed's home stadium for the entirety of the weekend.