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  1. Yeah, I wasn't taking sports logo history as absolute fact, I was just providing a link to the site in which I originally found this. Now I remember going to this site ALOT in the not too distant past I would look up the Vikings logos (as a diehard Vikings fan), and always got annoyed at the poor quality of the 1961-65 version. Then I saw this one, and compared the two, and realized that this one was just more official looking than the one on here right now.
  2. I guess that's fair enough, Gothamite. I just found this one on this site: and I looked on a few other logo history related sites, and saw this one used quite a bit. But I understand if a more thorough investigation is needed. I just thought this was a more accurate depiction of the original norseman logo that what is displayed currently.
  3. I actually found this logo on another logo his site, and after comparing this one with the one already posted on here,that I discovered that this was just a better shown version of the 1961-1965 logo:
  4. So, I found the original Minnesota Vikings logo used from 1961-1965. I think this one looks better and cleaner than the current one displayed, and was wondering if we could update it. This is not a custom design by myself, it is the original logo designed by Karl Hubenthal in 1961.
  5. Oh, woops lol. I thought this was to suggest updates to logos for the site. I'm new to this site
  6. I deleted this topic, nothing to see here!