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  1. A2 (B2 with these 1s -- like or comment if you like this option best): Note: only the 1s change from B2 (see that for other numbers)
  2. A1 (B1 with these 1's -- like or comment if you like this option): Note: only the 1s change from B1 (no need to post rest of numbers)
  3. Alright, time to get the numbers finalized. This took forever, but I wanted to get the Eagles' current numbers up for debate and discussion. I have some final font options that I will post. Please like the one you want to see on the jerseys and also comment if desired. I'll make my decision based on majority rule. To begin, here is the current Philly number font: Pretty cool and nice. But, on top of the terrible 1's for a football uniform, you'll notice many inconsistencies. The center bars of 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 are not the same height (vertically go up and down like a rollercoaster). The width of the sides on 0, 5, 6, 8, 9 are not same (left side wider, except 5 which has really skinny left side). The questionable serif on 1 and 4 are not same width on left and right (wider on right). So, here is a corrected and balanced version of the current numbers: Which led me to create the following. A1) The 1 retains character but much less noticeable; A2) Same as A1 without serifs on bottom of 1s and 4s; B1) The 1s adjusted to totally fit in with rest of numbers (clean and block like merge of fonts); B2) Same as B1 without serifs on bottoms. I will next post block versions ready for jersey mockups. Please like the one you like best below.... I like both B options. But think the A options are interesting.
  4. Okay, here is the full detail version of concepts so far. From here I will go backwards...remove shoulder stripe detail...go to solid pant stripe...go to solid socks...etc. Think these are all the concepts. I'm still working on a number font that is based off the current uniforms. But this should get some opinions flowing.
  5. I definitely do not want the numbers being a focal point or distraction. A little character/uniqueness is okay. But boring, clean block numbers are my favorite. Current eagles numbers are okay to me... Other than the 1s that look silly and awkward. And the bottom bar/serif on 4s doesn't fit the other numbers. 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0 are all really sharp looking to me though. Modern and classy... So agree fits my theme.
  6. I like the block numbers best too. For fancier, I'd pick the first alternative above. Hey on a side note, what do you think about something like this in the shoulder stripes? Think it could be done so that not extremely noticeable. Just trying to get all design aspects out. If "Keep it simple!" is what most want, then that's what I'll stick with. I've just had the following idea for a while and wanted to sketch it out for opinions. Home: Away: The outline colors on the stripes would be stitching.
  7. Okay some number options. I like the current numbers, but can't stand the 1's. And since I have Wentz's number in renderings, it would be two of them. Yuck. How about the ones below, close enough? Better? They do make more modern...but not sure if improvement or not. Send opinions. Alternative numbers A: Numbers based on the following which are close to current ones (but better 1's and 4's). See 6-0, I was converting 1-5 to bold, but should be enough to get idea: Alternative numbers B: These are based on following numbers that looked "eagle-like": Lastly, you'll notice the first pic has an updated multi-color stripe. Think folks are leaning towards the solid one, but if multiple, I think this one is better. Solid stripe or plain solid green socks could be substituted in either pic above.
  8. Just for you @andrewharrington - a single pant stripe. Also another sock option. Has away sleeve stripe inside green. So, the same but interesting (Bears old school feel). Note: Can always just have solid green-top socks as do most NFL teams. Just trying to come up with some design options.
  9. Okay, phew....lots of stripe comments. So, I've matched the stripes with sleeves for home and away jerseys. Had to make home socks green ones, though think looked better before. Note: most football uniforms with stripes do not match from helmet to jersey to pants to socks. They just usually have same colors. I don't personally think it matters but here is rendering with matching. @andrewharrington - tried a solid green stripe for pants and didn't like it. Shade of green would have to be darker on silver pants to pull that off. So, how about even fancier? haha. Made pant stripe include the 3 colors and added a hip logo -- could see this being the old style eagle w/ football logo as well. What's modified: * Shoulder stripes have wider center stripe as requested * Socks stripes match jersey stripes as requested * Attempt to bring pant stripe into scheme a bit more (more work needed)
  10. @Magic Dynasty - I doctored some stripe changes for the away jersey. Option A: Left sleeve reverses the gray and green stripes. Option B: The right sleeve increases the size of the green stripe to have it stand out more as primary color. I kind of like "B". I personally prefer the primary color in the middle. Thoughts?
  11. I was just logging in to replace that. Was bothering me that I overlooked it as well. Thanks! Anything else?