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  1. Reeeeeeeeeel it in a little. Not even close.
  2. Casual fan will almost definitely see it as brand > player. Especially the younger crowd which likely makes up a very fair portion of NBA jersey sales.
  3. Yes I understand how uniforms work. Twas a joke. Maybe I should've added fire emojis to drive the point home.
  4. Lots of possible uni combos. My personal favorite: Lookin' good, fellas.
  5. I hate to continue being off-topic, but can we just get this guy out of here? It's getting obnoxious.
  6. I'd wager that the red is just being washed into the navy by the distortion
  7. Well that looks promising enough. Let's hope they do this right.
  8. Call me crazy, but mono-white with green socks is (IMO) their best combo and its not even close. If you looked at that combo alone they look incredible but the green jerseys and pants just don't work for me from a balance perspective for whatever reason. If nothing else, I say they ditch the green pants and they immediately jump a few spots on my list.
  9. Why do the jerseys look better on random people wearing blue jeans than the actual team wearing the uniform?
  10. I'm sure these have been posted at some point in this thread, but these are a perfect update to the Patriots' identity IMO (minus the mono looks) (Click the arrows on the right and left of the images to scroll through if you aren't familiar with instagram)
  11. All they had to do was take the nice elements that they created and put them together like a proper football uniform. Seems like every third team that unveils under Nike has good elements that are absolutely run into the ground by execution. If they unveiled these, no one would mind: AWAY AWAY ALT HOME Use the red ones as kindling during winter games
  12. Color rush was the PERFECT opportunity to give fans an acknowledgement of the creamsicle uniforms by copying the stripe patterns from the original set. The lack of detail on the pewter unis is just disappointing.
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