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  1. Modern classic? Is this an unpopular opinion? Probably my favorite uniform in the league (maybe ever?). I love the font, even. Think it matches the vibe of the uniform perfectly and anything more basic would detract from the overall look.
  2. Have these been posted yet? Anyways...Won't lie, I'm getting a bit tired of the vice theme. I still believe their first identity remains to be beaten.
  3. I'd say the players' faces accurately reflect the product. Looks like something Starter would cook up for an underfunded overseas league's expansion team.
  4. This is a pretty absurd take in my opinion. There is nothing cowardly about a league valuing the comfort and performance of players over the color of socks. I know we're in our own little bubble here but let's be reasonable.
  5. Should I feel shame for liking the other look (first ""leak"") better? This new one looks like a very on-the-nose attempt to modernize by just making things pointy.
  6. Can you tell us about the countless other times that a team has chosen to assign a former throwback as their home uniform while maintaining their modern uniforms for away games? And then choosing to wear that former alternate in the Super Bowl? Because that sounds pretty unique to me. It is their "throwback helmet" regardless of it being designated primary for two years to backtrack on bad decision-making. They themselves even used the term "throwback" to describe the uniforms on their official Twitter yesterday and they're even using two different logos for home and away games (the throwback helmet logo is on Super Bowl merch). There is certainly SOMETHING unique about this situation regardless of the name you slap on the uniform.
  7. I actually like that idea. Let me get at that EDIT
  8. I don't know anything about baseball, so excuse me if I broke some cardinal rule of baseball uniforms. Quick and dirty "fix" to add some contrast to the tops with the addition of white outlines. Also tried to make the blue more consistent with the others.
  9. Hope Conrad doesn't mind me editing his mock-ups, but this is what I personally believe will be the final result: perhaps with white numbers on the purple jerseys but I couldn't be bothered to change them