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  1. Well of course you love them, it's your design. But you cleary do not know anything about baseball, the Yankees, or history if you honestly think they would ever wear those on the field. Turn the caps lock off.
  2. "The polo was the best baseball jersey they had"? Are you referring to the Yankees? Because they have NEVER worn a "polo shirt" as a uniform. A collard jersey yes, but not a polo shirt. You can't jump down @NixonRoyal 's throat because what you made was not what he thought was that great. If you don't want your work scrutinized then don't put it on the internet. To be completely honest, what you designed here is somewhat disrespectful to the history of the Yankees and their iconic uniforms. They have worn the pinstripes since 1912 and have kept nearly the exact same concept. On the other side of it, it looks nothing like a baseball uniform. A nice fan apparel item maybe, but not a uniform. Keep working and thinking creatively.