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  1. Big stripes on the Bucks
  2. Balance on the R/B/W combo is great on this set. Maybe one of the fiercer cardinal logos I've seen, too.
  3. Woah, so many feelings about the B1G set: Illinois - I way prefer incorporating the Gray Ghost-era stripes into colored unis like this rather than the gray alts they've been using. Not a fan on the new Illini stripe on the helmet in general, but works great with the concept. Indiana - Red/Black alts rule so hard, just a total left turn from all the cream alts they've done. I would call them the "John Cougar" kit. Michigan State - Interesting take using "State" like the early 00's while evoking the classic setup that would have had the full "Michigan State". Pant stripe is very clean. Anything to scrub my brain of the upcoming MSU highlighter green. Michigan - The Banana alts should burn always, but glory days numbers are strong on all three. Minnesota - Embracing the mustard gold is great, but I miss the primary block M logo - maybe if the Gopher was angled to face square with the tilt of the helmet? So much cool stuff already in the series, especially like V Tech set.
  4. Had to do a quick Google on the Orioles throwback script wordmark. Love the exaggeration you took on the little cowlick-lookin thing coming off the O, sets the script apart and pops great on the orange third.
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