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  1. Apologize if this has already been posted but was watching NFL network and this was one of the topics. Davante Adams posted this pic on IG yesterday. With the 100 year anny being this year, is this potentially a new jersey? They mentioned it's been decades since they've gone gold on gold on gold. Mods, if this is posted somewhere else, you can lock it up.
  2. I've been a huge follower on this community for years but I've never posted on here before. Got a chance to design another set and absolutely love how they came out. I've coached a semi-pro/college team for the past 11 summers and I lucked into an assistant coaching spot at a local community college in the Pittsburgh area. Uniform design has always been one of my things so I made sure that things got updated this year since it was a new chapter for the program. Always been Nike head to to but being on a JUCO budget, we had to strategically figure out how to get the most bang for our buck. Let me know what your thoughts are. What's the best combo? By the way, the whites are ivory/creme color.