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  1. Probably adding to the obvious, but you are very good artist sir, like REALLY good in my opinion
  2. I think its a solid upgrade, not sure how I feel about the font used, but I look forward to the uniforms
  3. As a Broncos fan and being born in the '97 logo era, I'm very biased on their current logo. Lived with it my whole life, seeing this would make me okay with them moving on from it. But I agree with Weapon on the TV numbers on the shoulders and the logo overlaying the stripes. I would however stick with the Navy Blue, I feel like it makes the orange more definitive. I would also probably go a different route for the number and wordmark font, but that's most likely just biased me to the number style they use currently. I would absolutely love to see a Navy Blue set with this design of the orange stripes and all. All in all, a very nice concept.
  4. The ideas for the uniforms are a lot more unique I feel than typical concepts