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  1. Botched tag. She did not get in her way per se after the ball came out of the glove. It was one continuous play. The runner slid into her as she was making the tag. But just did not slide far enough to get to the bag.
  2. Runner attempting to steal third. Catchers throw towards second base side. Third baseman comes up line and catches the ball and tags a sliding runner knocking the ball lose. Runner slide is short of the base so fielder is trying to pick up the ball and tag runner. Umpire calls defensive obstruction on the third baseman. She was not holding her down, pulling on her or anything. Just trying to get the ball. Umpire said that if she held into the ball he would have called her out but since she dropped the ball and the runner had not reached the base it was obstruction. Can someone explain this stupidity for me?