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  1. I hope the Chargers get new uniforms in 2020. The current set looks average at best and most times looks cheap when compared with other teams jerseys and don't get me started with the ugly jagged numbers. They need to make the bolts on the helmet bigger, because you can barely see them on TV and it looks like they got a blank white helmet most times. As a charger fan, they look a little to bright and take focus away from the helmet unlike the Patriots red which enhances a otherwise dull helmet.
  2. Which teams do you have in the top 5? My top 5 are 1. 49ers 2. Giants 3. Texans 4. Cowboys 5. Steelers
  3. It looks really dumb. The Sixers logos always have horrible logos so it's a tradition at this point.
  4. Is this tennis or soccer. What the hell were they thinking?
  5. It's a great name. I hope they don't change it. Warriors success has got a lot of people sour. lol get over it