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  1. There’s not enough teal on the white jersey. They are gonna try to wear teal pants with it and it’s gonna look goofy. There’s just not enough teal on that white jersey and it pisses me off. The all white pants look so stupid.
  2. Im obviously talking about the teams that Nike revamped. The franchises you just showed were smart enough to not let Nike ruin their uniforms.
  3. The more I look at it the more I like it. I do wish the pants had stripes on it but I hate Nike pant stripes. They always look goofy and stupid.
  4. Too similar to the 09 uniforms. Why did Coughlin mention that this uniform will identify with the potential hall of famers the Jags might have soon. It looks nothing like what they wore.
  5. I actually loved the black numbers on the teal jersey because it looked great with black pants.