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  1. Yeah because they moved the numbers up and made the stripes smaller. Try fitting the numbers and stripes on the side. The Redskins uniforms almost never feature their sleeve stripes because most players sleeves are too short. Regardless the packers haven’t changed at all besides making the facemask green and slightly altering the white to be more consistent so I don’t get the concern
  2. Yeah I’m not sure about that. Not everyone wears the long sleeve under shirts plus it’ll look kind of silly on players with long sleeves (Aaron Rodgers) having the sleeve number overlap the stripping imo. Plus the nfl probably has rules against undershirt patterns for uniforms
  3. But the sleeves and socks on these did just that. The pattern is yellow-thin green-white-thin green-yellow repeat. Their current uniforms have a green stripe in between the yellow and white you can’t just slap these jerseys on a modern Nike template it wouldn’t work most players wear short sleeves so the quad-stripes would be cut off for 90 percent of players even more so if you move the numbers back to the side. It’s meant to mimick their helmet stripe. Their current set also keeps the consistency
  4. You think you could put the numbers inside the horseshoe?
  5. I love all these but my personal favorite is probably the 4th or so design the one inspired by the 2000s. The Bucs are my second favorite team and I loved watching them win the super bowl in that look. Personally I feel the Bucs really need to simplify their color scheme with the red, pewter, silver, orange, and black so I feel you really hit the nail on the head btw I want to make my own concepts. Where did you get the template?
  6. I’d have to go with the Florida Marlins teal and black set. The pinstripes are classy and the Marlin ‘F’ looks amazing. Please Jeter go back to these full time and do away with the hideous neon orange and blue colors