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  1. Uh, I think having to check the score bug to just to know who is playing is precisely what he's upset about. And I agree, I don't like switching on a game and having to look around for a bit to see who's actually playing. It used to take a nanosecond to recognize a team, even in highlights, just by their uniforms.
  2. Also -- time for a throwback court. Something like what they had at the Forum, except with a silhouette of Staples Center at halfcourt.
  3. Looks better under the lights at Staples Center than it seems to elsewhere. Maybe they were designed that way?
  4. Yeah, that too. Anyway I'm not sure how familiar you are with Southern California but to Angelenos, Orange County might as well be an entirely different city. We'll take credit for Disneyland and disown everything else. We like the Dodgers, not the Angles. We like the Kings, not the Ducks. We like the... wait? Not the... Rams? It was at least as big a problem as Georgia was, at least until 1995 when she went FULL witch and stole the team outright.
  5. Well you're spot on there. The Anaheim debacle was a disaster for them, they started losing ground to the other local teams even though they were good in the '80s. Anger at the Rams, Fernandomania, Showtime and Raiders combined to essentially ruin the franchise. Then in the '90s they started losing a lot and they became ghosts.
  6. It sure seemed that way in the parking lot before the exhibition game this year. First game at the Coliseum since the NFL returned, last game there ever, apathetic home crowd waiting for the regular season, prime Saturday kickoff, etc. Then the game started and it turns out most of those Raider fans must've stayed in the parking lot. The damn stadium was half empty, and half the people there were the Rams fans that weren't supposed to show up.
  7. It isn't revisionist to say so at all. The Rams were indeed beloved in LA, which is precisely why so many people were so upset at them for moving to Anaheim and why they lost such a huge chunk of their traditional fan base by doing so. The Rams were the Lakers before the Lakers were the Lakers. To say otherwise is revisionist history, or at least suggests you aren't familiar with Los Angeles before 1980.
  8. It follows the helmet-must-match-or-be-darker-than-the-pants rule. (HMMOBDTTP rule, for short.)
  9. Funny I've never heard anyone else say this outloud, but that's my personal rule too. Helmets should either match OR be darker than the pants. Pants that are darker than the helmet make the players look like a bunch of bowies floating in the ocean.
  10. ? Only a Celtic fan would think that way.