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  1. The England team's navy shorts are nothing to do with the Union Jack and never have been. The blue in the Union Jack is derived from The Saltire - Scotland's flag!
  2. England and Belgium will both be in their away kits in the third-place playoff. For no reason (the two teams played each other a couple of weeks ago, both in their home kits!) But at least England won't be wearing those ridiculous red shorts.
  3. I appreciate that FIFA have the final say, but do they just sign off whatever countries propose? France wore blue socks against Australia (in all yellow) for no reason. Their home socks are red and their away socks are white. Neither of these options would have constituted a clash, and both have since been worn in the tournament. A shame because France have two absolutely blinding kits this year!
  4. England are in all-red, again, tomorrow. FIFA World Cup 2018 Rules and Regulations 48.2 states that "Each team shall inform FIFA of two different and contrasting colours (one predominately dark and one predominately light kit) for its official and reserve team kit (shirt, shorts and socks). This information shall be sent to FIFA on the team colour form. Only these colours may be worn at the matches." Given that England's official colours are (according to the FA and Nike) White/Navy/White and Red/White/Red, the continuing use of red shorts is puzzling. There is nothing in the rules to permit the use of a third kit. Either England's official "Team Colour Form" included the red shorts instead of the white ones, or the rules are not worth the paper they're written on and are simply being ignored. Given that the red shorts aren't even commercially available, I suspect the latter. Are these "Team Colour Forms" published? Colombia are another case in point - their official colours (again, according to the kit manufacturer) are yellow/navy/red and blue/orange/blue, but they wore white shorts in the World Cup whenever possible, and the orange shorts never saw the light of day. Odd. As an Englishman, a pedant and a traditionalist, I find all of this very disappointing. We finally have two great-looking kits and neither of them are being used. Hopefully we'll beat Sweden and play Russia in the semis and France in the final, playing both matches in white/navy/white!