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  1. From what I understand, the 2021 season is when all teams should get redesigned jerseys, due to how late the UA deal fell through. The new on-field jacket is very similar to this jacket previously sold by Nike: Main differences are: no hood, the sleeve patches, & the liquid chrome Nike logo on the chest.
  2. Not sure if pricing is the same for all teams, but the sweatshirt is $89, the jacket is $240.
  3. Here’s the new MLB on-field Collection from Nike: dugout jacket & hood
  4. This cap is named the “Clubhouse Collection” for 2020. Not something that they wear on-field, but essentially just another fashion cap for MLB/New Era to sell.
  5. Here’s a good look of the “20 at 24” patch the Giants will have on their jerseys this season. $300 for a blank authentic jersey.
  6. First look at the logo the SF Giants are using to celebrate 20 seasons at Oracle Park?
  7. The Giants will be celebrating their 20th season at Oracle Park in 2020. There will be a patch on the jerseys they wear. Haven’t seen any designs of the logo yet though.
  8. I believe this is the waffle top they are referring to:
  9. The A’s are going with this design for their 2019 Spring Training/BP Cap.
  10. Just saw this up on Fanatics, first look at the 2019 spring training patch cap:
  11. This photo was posted by the Oakland A’s COO earlier today: Looks like New Era & MLB will be going back to the Diamond Era material for the BP hats in 2019. Source:
  12. The SF Giants will be wearing this patch on their jerseys this Saturday, for the Barry Bonds number retirement ceremony. Not for sale, as far as I know, but the Giants Dugout Store is giving them away with any $125 purchase this weekend.