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  1. @BrandMooreArt Would need some tweaking of course, but I don't hate it!
  2. @BrandMooreArt I can see your edits to both refined in my head, awesome! Going to go that route too and simplify. Thanks for the tips.
  3. @stumpygremlin Thanks for the kind words and criticism. Attached is a pink with the teal...would take some getting used to. Also, which I'm partial to, is the ALL teal/white/grey version that would be a direct update from the original. @coco1997 Thanks, I love the symmetry of this one. @jaha32 I agree...the Marlins should've stuck with the detail similar to the original and my versions. Check out the all teal I've attached. I too wasn't sure of the orange but it made sense to me to incorporate another color. I'm going to ditch this type treatment all together most likely and play off of the script M logo as suggested. I see what you're saying about the dorsal fin being slightly off center, but the tail is almost right down the middle. I'm liking the bat logo and how it's presented a lot but will definitely rotate to see what that might do.
  4. Another Miami Marlins rebrand thread... I'll start by saying I'm not the biggest fan of the new logo in general and I was just getting used to their "look" after years of warming up to it. Any way, this lead me to create my version of some Miami Marlins logos. I'm not too sure how far I'm going to take this project as it was just purely fun for me to lay these out but I thought I'd get some criticism and feedback on where I'm at so far. The colors used are a mix of the old teal, and the now old orange..I doubt they're exact but inspired by anyway. The way I have these presented is in no particular order or hierarchy. They still need some refinement of course and I want to go back and explore more dynamic typography options although I don't mind the clean, bold look. Let me know what you think!
  5. Bears Skins (Go Colt) Saints Buccs Pats Eagles Ravens Jags (who knows) Panthers Bengals Chargers Colts Steelers Pack Texans
  6. I have a friend who recently moved here (Florida) from Puerto Rico. His exposure to the game of American football was 0. He's now watched the NFL for 11 weeks and picked things up quick. Although my Sunday's are a little more chatty than they usually are it's nice to see someone enjoy a sport after understanding so quickly.
  7. This first half was wild! I have KC to finish this one.. HTTR
  8. Mostly a fan of NFL: Washington Redskins Second comes NBA: Miami Heat All other sports I keep track but rarely watch.