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  1. So many kits I would have to be ready to get them all
  2. I like Batman beyond but I don't like these uniforms
  3. I would love for the third pewter uniform to be in black -daddy faint
  4. Colts with a blue alternate helmet with blue pants can a man dream paw can a man dream
  5. Come on man I got juice everywhere reading that comment
  6. Only uniform that made me sit down and watch the skins play
  7. Please don't not the rising sun LA alarm clock numbers
  8. The CSU Rams horned helmet might work with two toned colored horns with a few slight modifications
  9. It looks like he is on his way to stab Pat the Patriot after a bar fight I like it
  10. It flag makes no sense for the Bucs to use that flag. Quelch was based out of Massachusetts, Calico operated in the Caribbean. It would make sense to mix the old white helmet pirate logo with the recent Calico Jack logo. It's too much of a risk and the flag doesn't seem to be related to the state of Florida or the Bucs.
  11. To much brown. Just stick to stripes on those pants.
  12. Tbh the browns always had nice uniforms except for the last batch. We can only dream of those white helmets.
  13. Match those with the white pants and you got your self a classic
  14. I believe that all of California's P5 schools need shiny helmets to represent the sun shine state
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