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  1. That picture makes the helmet logo stand out even more. Everything has sharp edges except for the bubbly team logo. Really missed the mark on that IMO.
  2. As someone who was born 19 years after 69 team I don't identify with this at all. I would say at this point only 1/3 of the fanbase was alive for this era so while symbolically it may be meaningful to you, it has no meaning to me other than a clean/unassuming/boring jersey my dad can relate to lol it's always looked like a rip off of the Colts Jersey more than anything IMO and I'm glad to be moving away from it.
  3. Quincy Enunwa said in Twitter today that while he wouldn't confirm or deny anything he did say Nike let him wear his UA stuff at the photo shoot. Also, if you look at the jaguars or titans last year they had players wearing UA and Adidas gloves and cleats in their promo material so that's normal
  4. I hope they all end up looking more like Anderson's stripe and not Adams's. I think it looks 10x cleaner going across the arm instead of over the shoulder IMO
  5. Where did you see that? I didn't see anything on twitter. I trust his opinion over every other non-Jet who has 'seen' this lol
  6. Soo thoughts on this potential "Leak"? I think it's a bit reserved but definitely an 'evolution' of their look. Only thing I don't like is that logo on the helmet.
  7. People wouldn't be disappointed though if this was described as a tweak. This was supposed to be a major redesign and this minimal update to the logo has people bugging about what the jerseys may end up like now.
  8. I've taken :censored:s that looked more green then this "new" shade
  9. Idk but this just doesn't say "bad ass" to me. I'll be thoroughly disappointed if this is a sign of things to come.
  10. It was leaked the Monday night before their unveiling that Wednesday so fingers crossed someone at a store in the area gets them tomorrow evening and just leaks it already.
  11. I wish they spaced out the logo and jersey unveil separately so we can stop going over the same 5 fan concepts continuously and overreact to the logo for 2 weeks while we wait for jerseys.
  12. I said this on the Jets Sub but I think this was a mock-up done by someone who saw the jerseys and this is their attempt at recreating it. I think this may be in style/outline what we will end up with but with additional tweaks. IMO the black arm stripes make it almost look unfinished. Even putting a white border around them would make it pop much more.
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