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  1. I apologize for my lash out. Quarantine is kicking my ass and that guy in particular was getting under my skin. I never lied. I’ve got a friend who is a professional photographer who has shot things (and I’m telling you, the Chargers new uniforms are a different shade, it looks periwinkle. it will be a huge discussion on these boards) but I apologize for my behavior and I won’t share any more things whether they be promotion or fact from my friend.

  2. 41 minutes ago, dont care said:

    Stop making stuff up. It clearly says in the rule book “Home clubs shall choose their jersey color (either white or official team color), and visiting clubs must wear the opposite. For preseason, regular season, or postseason games, the two competing teams may wear jerseys in their official colors (non-white), provided the Commissioner determines that such colors are of sufficient contrast.”

    Relax, bucko, I was simply mistaken with NBA’s rules on sufficient contrast.

  3. 1 hour ago, DNAsports said:

    We’re less than a week away from the unveiling and no leaks. Shame.

    That’s 100% due to all the places leaks normally come from being shutdown at the moment. 


    1 hour ago, DG_ThenNowForever said:


    This raises a question -- are NFL teams able to see other NFL teams' proposed logos and uniforms before they're unveiled?

    They’ve got to be able to. Uniforms are proprietary right? If they are this close to the old Falcons unis you’ve got to think the Falcons are going in a completely different direction. Al Davis tried suing the Panthers before their public unveiling if I remember right.

  4. 1 hour ago, MDGP said:

    Ah yes, it’s we “purists” who are preventing teams from having a road uniform that isn’t white. It’s definitely got nothing to due with the league rules explicitly requiring teams to have a white jersey.

    No league rule against white not being the primary away. I honestly think if the Seahawks hadn’t won the Super Bowl in white in 2013 they’d have made the switch by now.

  5. 3 minutes ago, jgiff17 said:

    Did the chargers have that color rush color anywhere in Any of their logos?

    No, but it’s a color they’ve worn in their history. So technically the Broncos could have a brown or yellow color rush, The stealers a Cream one, the Jets a navy or gold one, the Raiders a gold one, Rams a red one, etc...

  6. 9 minutes ago, Digby said:


    Maybe just me, but the number font changing would push it out of the minor changes frame that we've been told to expect. That font gets used by the team for numbers as well as all kinds of other media ... seemingly most places the Patriots have a need for display type besides the word mark. To me that's one of those things that's now inextricably linked with the Patriots-as-dynasty-team, even if I think it's an ugly typeface on its merits.


    Well you have to remember that to most people outside of these boards “minor changes” are just same colors and overall the aesthetic on tv won’t change. They could come out with something the average fan thinks is a slight change but we will be on here breaking down new number fonts, piping or lack thereof, the order of the colors of the stripes, wordmark placement on the jerseys, etc...

  7. 5 hours ago, Claystation360 said:

    Yeah, they would had to add Columbia blue / Luv ya blue into their brand palette. Now i'd imagine it could be a small secondary color or IE trim or just in the logo and they could pull it off. But I'm pretty sure the powers that be in Nashville would pitch a fit.

    Two questions: would just making the swooshes Columbia Blue be enough? Second, could they do that with little to no warning like the Chargers changed their NOB’s a few years ago?

  8. 1 hour ago, Jezus_Ghoti said:

    Allbright doesn't get real scoops. He's a phony insider. He just reads what's out there (probably on this forum) and regurgitates it as if it's his original reporting. 

    LMAO there are still people in 2020 who don’t think Allbright is connected?


    He is literally best friends with Steve Atwater. Why is none of your business but he is. Atwater knows Elway. Elway and the Kroenkes are tight. The Kroenkes are literally the most plugged in people in not just the NFL but the world. 

    Just stop lol

  9. Benjamin Allbright with the scoooooop


    He says Chargers uniforms are “awesome, you’re going to flip” 


    Browns “mailed it in”


    Bucs “look exactly like what you’d think”


    Rams “Worse than their new logo. Awful”


    and confirms Patriots new uniforms as well.


    nothing on the Falcons oddly enough.


  10. Canzman coming in clutch again. While I shouldn’t have to clarify this, I know how some of you are. Yes, I know that’s Bledsoe poorly shopped to Edelman’s head. The fact he’s acknowledging the rumors of new uniforms is the news here.

  11. Coachella just got moved back to October. It’s only a matter of time now before they announce there will not be a traditional draft ceremony, not to mention all teams that were set to unveil new uniforms. NBA is holding a meeting Wednesday on the next steps and it really does look like we are about to see this playoff push without fans in the stadium.


    Is Opening Day in jeopardy of being moved back as well?

  12. I think it’s going to look much different from the mockup going around. The separation in the horns actually just being a different shade of yellow than the actual horns to give them depth is my bet. Everyone is missing that blue key line too. 

    Really crappy and quick fix to relay what I’m thinking


  13. 9 minutes ago, IceCap said:

    I hate to break it to ya but that's the minutia that makes up like 95% of this place when it comes to football unis. People have been banned for getting too worked up over sock stripes. That's the level we're operating on. 


    Ok. We've been pretty lenient with the whole "free Teal" bs but if you're just going to throw out baseless speculation? Time to have a very frank and earnest discussion. 


    We are not jealous of Teal. Want to know why we're not jealous of Teal? There's nothing to be jealous of. That's also why your lament that he's not here providing his insider info isn't moving us to reconsider.

    The Rams- and every other team- will have unveiled their new uniforms by the time the current school year is over. Do you get just how short a time period that is? In one month- maybe two- you'll see everything there is to see. Are you really that incapable of waiting without Teal dropping little nuggets of info? You really can't handle the wait until this stuff is unveiled or leaked without Teal's guessing games? 


    Dude has some insider info. Ok. If we're jealous we'd treat everyone with insider info like we do Teal, but guess what? We don't. There are plenty of people here with insider info who aren't a problem. Hell, one of them is a mod! Shoutout to @Conrad.


    Teal wasn't suspended for his insider info or the fact that he shared it. He was suspended because he was jack :censored: for most of his time here. A jack :censored: who became an insufferable annoyance once he started using insider info to make himself the centre of attention. 


    We have explained this to you- and others- time and time again. I am going to be very generous in assuming you just haven't realized that yet. So I'll make it clear for you. 

    Teal was suspended because he constantly acted in a self-centred prima donna and not because of any insider info he had. 


    I hope that clarifies things. 

    I do not care. It was legit news. Everything he said months ago is proving to be correct. That should mean something. I’ll take a jackass with facts over the alternative.

  14. 10 minutes ago, Pharos04 said:

    I would rather discussion about "What Could be" and how it could work on a modern template than one jackhole who was a chronic, nagging, selfish individual early on (Jaguars "Not Long Now!", "I hope there's teal!", " anyone have anything") that suddenly has insider information that, in an act of self-worth, felt the need to dangle it over others in a sort of "now I have the info, nyah nyah" dismissal of other people looking to see what may be new and what is being speculated.


    Teal is not some pariah.  He consistently admonished the staff here, felt entitled about the info he may or may not have had some access to, and in the end, got what he deserved.


    Him NOT being able to be active here has kept this thread somewhat on the rails...until people feel the need to keep dredging his stupidity back up.  I've said this in the Falcons thread; I personally am so TIRED of clicking on these NFL threads for info and insight and speculation and discussion and having to slog through nonsense about ONE individual who is a pompous asshat.  Let it be.



    Back on the ACTUAL topic of discussion.  This is promising!  Looks like they're modifying the existing head which so many people are saying they really like.  Can see it with the lines near the eye.  I hope that's the case.  Can't wait to see what actually rolls out from this!

    Way to prove my point. Overly sensitive individuals like yourself are the reason we can’t discuss actual effing news.

  15. 16 hours ago, djam2410 said:


    Yeah i am very aware of why he was banned and find it all hilarious from his evolution of constant "where is the set?" troll to providing semi-reliable information and not being taken serious. I dont blame others for not taking his information serious and also dont blame him for trying to do a victory lap across every thread because no one wants to believe what he has is true. definitely too much "i told you so" in his postings  

    I just... sorry but who gives a :censored:? I’d rather him be here and able to tell us stuff than have sensitive posters be offended by him and certain mods be jealous (let’s be honest, that’s what’s happening)


    But no we’d rather fill these pages with arguments over proper color names and whether or not gray face masks are ideal or how to fit old sleeve stripes on modern templates.