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  1. I’m skeptical. We’ve heard over and over green numbers on black jerseys and big numbers. I’m not sure I buy this and i feel like I’ve seen that Darnold picture somewhere. If these are real, they’re ok. Looks too much like Seattle to me though. There’s something weird going on with that helmet too.
  2. No, the scary thing is that the hat is half black, half green on the back. I wish I was joking.
  3. Wow. Beautiful. Disagree about it needing white. Those are amazing.
  4. DC’s are beautiful
  5. I’m so looking forward to the Chargers/Rams. I really hope one used the California flag and one used the LA flag.
  6. I’m pretty excited to see some of these. My love of unique flags was like a stepping stone into sports logos for me. I’m surprised more of you don’t feel the same.
  7. Draft caps are slowly leaking out. Looks like they are based on regional flags. Apologies if this is the wrong thread for this. And can I just be the first to say, holy crap the Raiders are about to be made the butt of so many jokes about their stadium situation. I can’t believe someone authorized this.
  8. Those are different in the background. They are starting to leak out. Where is the appropriate thread to post them? Don’t want to hijack this one.
  9. The draft hats seem really weird this year. Maybe not the best indication of what the Jets are planning. That said, can you put my mind at ease and tell me those cheerleader uniforms aren’t representative of the new color scheme?
  10. Here are the Jaguars, based on their inaugural uniforms with no copy right lawsuits this time
  11. Jets updated: @rattyrattera Thank you for the suggestion, I love the difference!
  12. Yes, I’ll have that up a bit later today, along with the Jaguars
  13. Up next are the Jets. I based this set off the new cheerleading uniforms and tried to incorporate the long triangle design we keep seeing used. The results were... interesting.