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  1. Is it just me, or did the Hawks correct their Color Rush last night? Before when they wore them they looked really washed out and pale. Last night those things were glowing. Similar slight tweak to the color like the Vikings did with their purple?
  2. No it’s real, ESPN retweeted it from the official account. That white end zone is driving me crazy.
  3. Was right about Ravens in purple pants last week so mark me down for Bengals in black pants this week.
  4. Gut feeling only but I’ll bet the Ravens bust out the purple pants this week.
  5. The Browns look tonight is non ironically gorgeous.
  6. The Jets look awesome in all black. Crazy how different this whole set has looked from the promos vs on the field.
  7. Saints just need a rebrand at this point. The gold is way too lifeless in artificial lighting. I understand why they don’t wear gold pants, especially in nationally televised games.
  8. BBTV they’re on the official nfl shop if you sort products by new arrivals.
  9. Fair enough man, thanks for the clarification!
  10. I actually really like the Eagles Bucs Saints Panthers Browns Colts Titans and Skins Especially the Skins though, that oversized feather is gorgeous.
  11. Any chance you can change that black to the “nightmare green” they are actually using?
  12. A few of the Steelers are wearing the all black color rush socks and it looks really good.
  13. Jets looked fantastic on the field last night. Way better than the promo pictures. I dare say they’ve now got my favorite uniforms in the AFC East. Those helmets are a billion times better than the old ones especially.