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  1. You really don’t see a similarity in the new blue and this?
  2. I apologize, when it was shown to me it looked periwinkle (light purple)
  3. Chargers new blue is pretty much purple and it is effing sweeeeet if I get permission I’ll post pics
  4. LMAO there are still people in 2020 who don’t think Allbright is connected? He is literally best friends with Steve Atwater. Why is none of your business but he is. Atwater knows Elway. Elway and the Kroenkes are tight. The Kroenkes are literally the most plugged in people in not just the NFL but the world. Just stop lol
  5. I’ve addressed that. Stop baiting.
  6. Benjamin Allbright with the scoooooop He says Chargers uniforms are “awesome, you’re going to flip” Browns “mailed it in” Bucs “look exactly like what you’d think” Rams “Worse than their new logo. Awful” and confirms Patriots new uniforms as well. nothing on the Falcons oddly enough.
  7. Canzman coming in clutch again. While I shouldn’t have to clarify this, I know how some of you are. Yes, I know that’s Bledsoe poorly shopped to Edelman’s head. The fact he’s acknowledging the rumors of new uniforms is the news here.
  8. I know it’s silly to read anything into images like this but there is a LOT of yellow in that stadium mockup
  9. Coachella just got moved back to October. It’s only a matter of time now before they announce there will not be a traditional draft ceremony, not to mention all teams that were set to unveil new uniforms. NBA is holding a meeting Wednesday on the next steps and it really does look like we are about to see this playoff push without fans in the stadium. Is Opening Day in jeopardy of being moved back as well?
  10. I think it’s going to look much different from the mockup going around. The separation in the horns actually just being a different shade of yellow than the actual horns to give them depth is my bet. Everyone is missing that blue key line too. Really crappy and quick fix to relay what I’m thinking
  11. I do not care. It was legit news. Everything he said months ago is proving to be correct. That should mean something. I’ll take a jackass with facts over the alternative.
  12. Way to prove my point. Overly sensitive individuals like yourself are the reason we can’t discuss actual effing news.
  13. I just... sorry but who gives a :censored:? I’d rather him be here and able to tell us stuff than have sensitive posters be offended by him and certain mods be jealous (let’s be honest, that’s what’s happening) But no we’d rather fill these pages with arguments over proper color names and whether or not gray face masks are ideal or how to fit old sleeve stripes on modern templates.
  14. You know what? In addition to the ocean wave thing, it kind of has a Lakers vibe
  15. See above. Now the only question is lighter than royal or lighter than navy.