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  1. 56 minutes ago, AstroBull21 said:

    So what if he does?  He's the owner.  If he wants his brands to be cohesive he can.


    Do I like that idea in this circumstance, no. We all can have an opinion, but yes Blank can do it if he wants.

    So what we really should be expecting is a total switch of color scheme to orange and white to match the Home Depot, right? 

    (Sarcasm, just in case that wasn’t clear)

  2. 14 hours ago, Volt said:


    I was thinking you were that Reddit poster.  Who just deleted his Reddit account, by the way.

    As for sublimation, in the NikeTeam line, Nike sublimates onto their Vapor Pro material, but I've not seen them sublimate onto their Vapor Untouchable line.  However, they sublimate on a similar, if not identical, fabric in their other uniform lines, such as basketball, lacrosse, and baseball, so I'm sure it's possible.

    The Pro Bowl unis that were leaked on Twitter today (horrendous, by the way) have what look to be sublimated side panels, so technically, what that Reddit poster was saying about Tampa Bay's unis does seem possible...and horrible:





    Lol to be honest I thought it was you! I’m a long enough lurker to know we don’t give reddit rumors the time of day around here.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Ice_Cap said:

    Could be sublimation? I'm unsure if that's possible on the Nike templates the league uses. 

    On a whole jersey and pants too? That seems impractical. I could believe just the numbers.

  4. What that guy is describing isn’t even possible, right? The Vapor Untouchables only have one seam, so the fabric all has to be one color and anything else like stripes has to be stitched or ironed on, correct?

  5. 35 minutes ago, Buc said:


    Young' Y'all do know that look was around long before Vick, right? Heck, some of us still call it the Glanville-era uniform--and if you don't know why, trust me, you're a jit. 😄


    Based on other "bird" teams the Swooshkateers have gotten their claws on, I'm expecting something more along the lines of Oregon but in black and red (and chrome, or some reflective type silver--I just keep seeing that for some reason). If done right, it might not be too bad. But then again, the Seahawks, so...

    Maybe you keep seeing it because it exists haha



    I’d be shocked if that’s not super close to what we get, and personally I think it’s a great combo and balance of red black and silver, where often two of those colors will over power the third resulting in a drab look as another poster on here said before. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, DC in Da House w/o a Doubt said:

    Does anyone know how the process starts?


    - Do the Falcons go to Nike and say we need new uniforms

    - Does Nike go to them and say your uniforms are a little dated, look at these proposals

    - Does the NFL say, hey ATL your jersey sales are a little flat go talk to Nike


    Im just curious what the first step is, I’ve never really heard  

    I recall agessssss ago when Nike became the outfitter Pete Carrol said they had designs in place for all 32 teams to start at if they wanted a switch up and that Seattle was the only one to take them up on it initially, I also recall another team, Minnesota maybe, confirming that they started with that initial design that Nike offered them, so all 32 teams have an idea of what they could form into, but that was 8 years ago, so maybe they occasionally just shoot those designs out to teams every three years or so?

  7. I don’t see any way how this isn’t one of the flashiest uniforms in the NFL. Arthur Blank has always had a thing for flashy and modern, just look at the stadium he just built! 


    combining his taste with Nike trends, here’s my prediction: red helmets with a new wing pattern on the helmet in a mix of black and silver, black jerseys with some new material shiny crazy silver numbers, the same material in some wing pattern on the shoulder. Red pants probably with ATL on the side of the legs. All red option, all black option. I can even see them try to pull off silver numbers on the white jerseys. 

    this won’t be a classic update. You know this to be true.

  8. 11 minutes ago, MJWalker45 said:

    Leaks will probably  be happening around mid-March. Unless they have as good security on these as the Jets did last year. 

    I’m well aware, but this topic is currently trending hot because people are having the same talks that happened in 1995. It’s obnoxious. Only reason a thread about Browns unis should be hot is if there is new news on said unis.

  9. The Saints reportedly requested to wear Color Rush on Sunday but were denied so will instead wear their white yoga pants with their normal white jerseys. Might be a team worth watching this offseason to see if they follow the Browns in requesting more allowances to wear CR before the season starts.



  10. Total conjecture on my part but I’m almost starting to think there’s going to be some red incorporated into this look, just like Kroenke and Nike added red to the Nuggets recently. Rams even used to be a red and blue team and before that red and yellow and the comment of “deep roots in LA” and the emphasis on changing colors is making me lean towards a possible addition of red.


    Full quote: 


  11. The Rams made it official today in Demoff’s press conference that new “logos, uniforms, helmets, and colors” will be unveiled this spring. So the official teams changing are now the Rams and Browns. No word yet from other rumored teams.

  12. I’m more than happy to share some specifics of my source and I’ll even share the pics my source said he will send me later in the year with the mods if anyone here can vouch for their discretion when it comes to matters like this. 

  13. 3 minutes ago, Gothamite said:



    Doesn't seem that different to me.  Both are pretty uncool, with people saying that they have inside information but aren't going to tell us what that is beyond vague teases.  

    I’ve shared the extent of my knowledge. New logo, full Nike, and I don’t know anything about colors staying the same or changing, and that they almost weren’t allowed to do it this season because it was so close to the deadline back in 2018.


    If I learn more I will share, but that’s all I can offer right now.

  14. 2 minutes ago, bowld said:

    If its KC I would expect to see more black used. The red/yellow is pretty bright when paired together. I can see an alternate Black jersey since they usually sell like hotcakes 

    I’m not privy to the color scheme or logo change or any of that, but I do know that this is a full Nike rebrand, more like Seattle than Jacksonville.

  15. Guessing games are fun but the mod is right it’s derailing the thread. I’ve heard it’s the Chiefs, and that they began the process as soon as they saw how special Mahomes was to commemorate a new era. Barely made the 2020 deadline.

  16. 10 hours ago, Teal said:

    One other team is getting a complete rebrand.

    I was hesitant to say something too but I have it on good authority a team is changing that hasn’t hinted at it or been rumored to at all, but this makes me more comfortable with sharing.


    the only thing I’ll say is that it will be controversial on this board.