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  1. I don't hate it. But I don't think that we'll see that happen. The Canes smartly have tried to downplay their relationship with NC State over the years, mainly because of the close proximity of Duke and UNC. This is smart, because that franchise has ended up being the one thing that all those fans can end up cheering for together during the sports calendar, and by having a uniform set that so closely ties with State would not go over well at all. I'm very curious on what we do with this one. I really like the logo you have with the H and 2 flags. If we hadn't already done the C with 2 flags logo, I could easily see something like that being a major secondary mark. Also, that TB jersey is giving me big time Air Force Academy vibes, and not USF.
  2. I meant specifically white on white. I can't recall any teams that do that (or have done that in the past)
  3. One thing that I don't think has been mentioned here... The new Canes aways has a white collar on a white base jersey. Is there any other team in the league that does that? Off the top of my head, I can't think of any. I also find it interesting they went this direction. Since they moved from Hartford, the collar has always been red and black, and now its white with red trim. Seems like an interesting choice.
  4. Honestly, they'd be stupid not to fully embrace it. Franchises spend millions trying to come up with an identity and most times they fail, badly. The Canes were organically giftwrapped an identity last year that should last beyond one season. I liken it to the Broad Street Bullies moniker that the Flyers adopted back in the 70s. They've long, long since been the team of goons who fight to win, but they still embrace the Bullies moniker and play it up when possible. The Canes need to do the same with this. This was organically grown by not taking itself too seriously, having fun, and not caring what it meant to the establishment. That is the mindset that the organization should adopt from the top down, and conveniently, aligns completely with how Dundon wants the franchise to be run. As I said, its perfect for us, and it really shouldn't go away.
  5. Get used to the Bunch of Jerks moniker sticking. Its a marketing goldmine that they'd be ridiculously foolish to ever give up. It goes way beyond just the storm surge last year, and is the perfect thumbing our nose at the establishment for resenting the fact we exist. As for your other comment... ok? I guess I'm just secure enough with my own self to be able to take the taunts of others and use it against them without getting upset over it.
  6. If you really think the term 'Redneck' would get under the skin of Canes fans, you're going to be sorely mistaken. It was basically a rallying cry in 2006
  7. As a Canes fan, my initial reaction was that I really didn't like it. It is growing on me, but I still think it could have been a lot better with a few tweaks. Right now, I just think its too red-heavy. Outside of the awful red ones they wore starting in 2013, they've always had a nice balance of red and black on all their jerseys, and this one... It loses that balance. I'm sure I'll eventually get over it, but right now its just so much red. I don't really care that it says Canes, as that's how they're called around here. You really don't ever hear anyone talking about the Hurricanes, its always about the Canes, and its pretty much been that way for the last 20 years. In terms of the issues I have with the jersey, that's very low on it. But I think it would have been much better with a black wordmark, and the black/grey numbers from the previous set. That would have given it visual balance with the red and black. And, it would have allowed the flag motif on the C to stand out. (I also would have loved it if they only used the flags on the C for the Captaincy designation, and had a variant where they are on the A for the Alternate/Assistant) But probably my biggest gripe is that they missed an opportunity to print money across the league by going with 'JERKS' over 'CANES'. That jersey would have been an incredibly hot seller across the hockey community. Such a missed opportunity that it makes me a little upset. As for the 3 jerseys with no cohesion... I mean, if any franchise was going to go against the industry norm just for the sake of it, given everything they've done for past year or so, it was going to be them. And they were going to do it in a way that ruffled feathers elsewhere but people around here were going to like. And... judging by the reaction around Raleigh over them, it seems to be working.