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  1. No, im showing that their arguments are poor, flawed, dont hold water, and visually make no sense at all. What do you want me to say to someone whose argument is the 1991 NS, or the devils and sharks look like the rangers, when they clearly dont? Like i said, just refute my point rationally, i think the stars jersey design is lazy and too close to the rangers and want better. others, even some who ive argued with have admitted this, so what the problem?
  2. once again, that isnt an argument, all im saying is the two teams look too alike, and the design choice is lazy. posting gifs, youtube videos and comparison of others teams that dont even look like the rangers isnt an argument. like i said, its just being childish.
  3. Why cant we have a conversation on whether or not a teams look is creative or not? Im not trying to change anyone's mind, im merely stating the stripes are the same. all im asking for is people to respond back to me with posts that make sense instead of false accusations, calling me mean, and making terrible comparisons to prove me wrong that make no sense and making fun of me when all im doing is making an comparison between two teams' looks.
  4. To be fair ice cap said its not the same, which is clearly not true. Once again not criticizing their color scheme atm, im talking about the stripes, they should be more creative with it. Im also for having all teams have different looks, but not JUST with color, with the jersey stripes too, everything. having a different color and logo is not enough, your stripes should be different, it doesnt take much effort to do that, they should not be this similar to another team, that is lazy design is it not? simply throwing out a color that no one else is wearing on a template that you yourself admitted is a similar template and saying that good enough is weak. can i not critique that part of their brand?
  5. And i posted a response saying i never said all their concepts were rangers rip offs. Once agin, what are you even talking about? im talking about their current jersey, the one they wear being a rangers knock off, since when does having others concepts from 2013 that arent like rangers change anything about what they wear now? I criticized their current look and the first concept thats look exactly like montreal as O6 rip offs, not the other ones. do you not even understand what my argument even is? this is unbelievable! And you still have yet to make a point. Why do you keep responding back with things im not even talking about? ive seen all those concepts, im not talking about them, im not talking about their color, im not talking about their logos, im not even talking about their away jersey. im talking about the home green. what is the issue that you dont get here?
  6. Thats an opinion, not a fact. Many here have already stated, like bayne and myself that the look is weak, not everyone likes it so why cant we critique it? Is that not what these boards are for? The argument isnt even if they look good or not, my whole point is that the jersey stripes are too similar to the rangers and should be criticized for its lazy deisgn. And all i get in return is people making comparisons that make no sense, posting others jerseys that dont look anything like the rangers and thinking it wins the argument, and saying im a "jerk" for criticizing peoples poor logically flawed responses.
  7. It's not an opinion, the jersey stripes are the same, no one has refuted this, all you do is make up arguments that i never made, post videos of 90s tv show intros and attack me on things i never said and think you won the argument. you havent. like i said prove me wrong, show me that its not a rip off, dont post pathetic things like you are doing, just prove me wrong, dont make follish comparison with no logic behind it, or any other weak attack. but you know you cant, because no on has yet to do it. So all you can do is say im mean to you.
  8. Once again, a flawed argument, having one part of the jersey match another teams jersey is not what im talking about, this is just another straw man. My criticism is clearly that the ENTIRE striping pattern on the stars home jersey is the same as the rangers, which it is, and no one has proven me wrong because they cant so they resort to pathetic posts like this thinking it wins the argument. Whats next? anyone who has cuffs on their sleeves is ripping off the blackhawks?
  9. I couldn't care less about how i come off, im here to critique jerseys. Thats not what im talking about, im talking about the jersey and no one has made any arguments that refutes my point because they cant. they are now resorting to saying the NS jersey is a rip off of the rangers, or that the devils and sharks are a rip of too. Once again, these are clearly flawed, stupid posts that have no logic behind them. No one has refuted me yet, and dont waste my time with these posts that make ZERO sense comparing other teams to the rangers that dont even look like them, thinking im wrong, when the post made is completely irrational and then get mad at me for pointing out how foolish someone has to be for making such a post. What a joke.
  10. Good god it never ends. Having vertical stripes and a yoke isn not a rangers rip off, the stripes are not the same, the stars jersey is. once again, do you have an actual argument?
  11. Uh no, once again another flawed argument. the rangers away jersey that DOES have a yoke has cuffs to it AND a different striping pattern, but please explain to me how that makes me wrong when none of these jerseys are alike? It doesn't look like either the home or away of the north stars. And then people wonder why i have to mock their intelligence when they post such obviously flawed responses that hold no water like this. pathetic.
  12. All im waiting for is for someone to make a rational argument, i already said my piece, the stripes are the same. is there even an argument to be had. its quite obvious. do you not think the striping is the same or too close? all i did was criticize their home jersey for being designed lazily. And dont come to me with these flawed arguments and assertions that i never made, about the north starts jersey being a rip off when we all know its not even close, or that i accused all the stars 2013 concepts of being rangers knock offs, or that i want the league to look like its 2001, or that dallas MUST wear a dark color palette. i never said any of that. Do you not expect me to defend myself and point out person after person after person making up foolish argument/assumptions that clearly hold no water and have no basis. Like i said simply prove me wrong, or dont waste my time. Then i wont have to point out such dumb responses.
  13. What are you talking about man? Are you not paying attention! Once again, for the millionth time, where did i say any of those looks are rangers rip offs or that the stars made a mention of the rangers during their rebrand? anywhere? No. The only one i mentioned was the first pic and how it is just a canadiens recolored home jersey, which it is. Im talking about what they use now. once again, do you have argument about their CURRENT home jersey not being a rip off of the nyr home jersey from a striping perspective or not?
  14. Come up with an actual argument that is rational and makes sense, and i wont have to cal you out on having bad logic. Is that hard?
  15. No they didnt as i already clearly show you, there are apparent differences between the two looks. Take another look. NS away no yolk, different stripes, NRY away yolk, separated stripes. NS home yoke, NYR home no yoke. Do you have any arguments yet of what?