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  1. LA Clippers Earned Ed. has been leaked:
  2. A source told me that brazilian NBA Store will start selling Lakers Earned at april 1st. So I expect US and Euro stores selling by late february/early march. But I have to rememder that pandemic could change everything, specially outside US.
  3. I found something. There's a Knicks youth size City Ed. themed tshirt available at team's store: https://www.nyknicksstore.com/youth-nike-black-new-york-knicks-2020/21-city-edition-logo-t-shirt/p-25324004306181+z-9295-4259905978 It is curious that some 2020-21 items are only available in youth sizes. Grizzlies classic jersey is one example.
  4. I am still intrigued by Knicks delaying the release their City Edition uniform. LOL
  5. LBJ was talking about 20-21 or 21-22 season?
  6. As far as I know, Knicks and Wizards are the only teams who didn't officialy unveiled their City Ed. unis. Knicks and Raptors are completely missing from NBA Store/Fanatics. I saw some Raptors merch, but nothing about the jersey. Knicks are a worse case since I didn't find any merch. Anyone know something about this delay? I was looking for official stock photos from those jerseys.
  7. Although the number has the same layout as the standard jersey, they customized with a scribbled texture. Definitely cool. I hope you guys are enjoying the leak session. I know some of you follow me on Twitter or Instagram. I'm looking for more information. The jocktag with the phrase "long live rock" like the Hall of Fame pleased me a lot.
  8. Which as far as I know will be black too.
  9. Grizzlies new alternates is maybe a top 5 City Ed. of all time. Outstanding.
  10. Multiple sources told me to expect rock and roll theme for Cavs' City Edition. Black uniform, graffiti-style wordmark. That's all I heard.
  11. Only at right sidepanel. I hope Authentics bring some new details or lighting to these stars.