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  1. Mavs Shop Twitter teasing something about a green jersey? Should be about their new set? A complete revamp? Just a sale or something else?
  2. I don't see teams getting rid of their actual City Editions. IMO, the 2020-21 collection had a clearly better visual complexity than in previous years. More teams matched their court with City Editions uni. I would like all that effort to be maintained for the 2021-22 season. Perhaps it is the case that they keep their City Ed., which will have less market interest, include the new uniform set (his name is Mixtape?) and drastically reduce the use of Statement Ed. And the Earned ... who cares? If I'm right, I also don't expect to see Classic Ed. next season. Classics don't make any sense if we have a collection that mixes different eras.
  3. Possible Kings Earned Ed. prototype:
  4. Since we know ASG jerseys won't be on sale, I wasnt expecting to see sponsorless swingmans: https://www.instagram.com/p/CL9qAiQFJVO/ But still intriguing
  5. Since most of the teams has a black (at least dark blue) jersey would be cool to see Associations vs. Dark/Colorful alternates.
  6. WOW. Maybe they just manage to produce game jerseys? I really don't see Nike/NBA going back to team unis at ASG.
  7. Indiana-style tshirts are already being selled for ASG in Atlanta.
  8. LA Clippers Earned Ed. has been leaked:
  9. A source told me that brazilian NBA Store will start selling Lakers Earned at april 1st. So I expect US and Euro stores selling by late february/early march. But I have to rememder that pandemic could change everything, specially outside US.
  10. I found something. There's a Knicks youth size City Ed. themed tshirt available at team's store: https://www.nyknicksstore.com/youth-nike-black-new-york-knicks-2020/21-city-edition-logo-t-shirt/p-25324004306181+z-9295-4259905978 It is curious that some 2020-21 items are only available in youth sizes. Grizzlies classic jersey is one example.
  11. I am still intrigued by Knicks delaying the release their City Edition uniform. LOL
  12. LBJ was talking about 20-21 or 21-22 season?
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