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  1. Thank you @WSU151! The photo really looked too fresh to be a 90s game.
  2. I've found this picture of Mutombo playing with Congo and USA flag on the back of his jersey. Anyone knows what event is? I can see a Celtic and a Clipper (?) unfocused. It looks like an All-Star Game, but has Mutombo ever played an ASG with rainbow jersey?
  3. I think I read here before that there is a rule that prevents them from putting the outline on player's names. Do you know if it's true?
  4. Are you ready for NAW's jersey?
  5. What about this poor NOB contrast at Pelicans City Edition jersey?
  6. Nice color matchup between Wolves and Rockets, despite Timberwolves regular floor.
  7. Ive found a video leaking what could be celebrities game, team world and team usa
  8. Im still finding images of that leaked jerseys ‪https://www.champssports.com/product/model/jordan-nba-all-star-game-swingman-jersey-mens/338795.html‬
  9. Look what Stockton Kings did…
  10. All I know is by early 90s William Bedford and Orlando Woolridge was the first teammates using #0 and #00. So the league make one of them change and Woolridge changed to #6. Ostertag swapped to #39 in 1999 so Olden Polinyce could wear #0. Just like Brendan Haywood swapped to #33 for Gilbert Arenas #0.
  11. Cavs had Kevin Love #0 and Birdman #00 Nuggets had Mudiay #0 and Darrell Arthur #00 Pacers had Aaron Brooks #00 and CJ Miles #0 I wrote a thread at my Twitter profile about 0 and 00 at the same team. Sorry to inform you it's in brazilian portuguese. LOL but maybe Twitter has a translation tool.
  12. We have something to see today... Hornets wearing Icon versus Jazz wearing City.
  13. Magic uniforms with black stripe:
  14. Orlando Magic Earned jacket: https://twitter.com/eddiemorannn/status/1208043147189719040?s=21