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  1. Bucks fans get the claim to this year's nonexistent championship for years to come, like Expos fans do with 1994.
  2. Yeah, I misremembered that. I knew someone who wasn't supposed to wear the regular hat wore it anyway on day 1 and got the edict for the rest of it, but I forgot it was the whole team. I try my best to block that weekend out of my memory.
  3. I've often wondered if the Cardinals emphasized yellow more as their alternate. I think I'd rather leave that stone unturned now.
  4. Bad boxart? I'll have you know that Yellow Shirt Guy is a cult favorite character among Rareware fans. The whole boxart is so iconic that Rare themselves have recreated it:
  5. They'll reel him in. There's always at least one dissenter whenever special caps are in play, and they always real them in. Jon Lester wore his regular cap during Player's Weekend 2019, for instance. Heck, when MLB started putting the New Era insignia on the side of the caps in 2017, Kyle Hendricks wore a cap without the insignia for his first few starts and that wasn't tolerated for very long.
  6. Or if they get superstitious and decide the blue tops are good luck, like the Nats.
  7. The centered ball and lack of white webbing doesn't bother me in me. I still notice it up close, but the Brewers creams look damn near perfect. I wanted them back in royal on principle, but the navy looks so good that I don't care.
  8. Do I see a tint of purple in that D-Backs red? Maybe it's I'm just seeing what I want to as someone who likes them in purple, but I think a purplish-red/reddish-purple is a very classy way to blend eras.
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