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  1. Really like what you're doing for the Chargers you should do the 1960 helmet they wore for the first time they were in LA I think it would be great on the cobalt blue jersey that it was originally intended on. I know they wore it for only one year but it's my favorite uni of all time on top of the classic 1960s Chargers look which is also my favorite uniform of all time. So it's a fave build on a fave.
  2. Really love what you've done with these uniforms they are very very impressive. The only ones I wasn't a fan of were the Bills bc the classic 60s-70s Bills uniforms are some of my favorite uniforms of all time, in my personal top 3 or 5. But still they weren't bad looking it was just personal preferences. The black Colts uniform and the Cardinals red helmets. But overall you're doing a great job with these redesigns these are some of the best I have seen here.
  3. Alright, these are the best unis and logo for the Redwolves concept I have seen so far. The logo would give them easily the scariest one in the league love the American Werewolf inspiration.
  4. Really like these uniforms reminds me of the Lombardi Washington era, very underrated unis in my opinion.
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