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  1. Yep, the side panels could be a little bit thicker, but that’s what’s on the product sheet
  2. That is basically it except the sleeve piping and collar are green, not the top of the jersey
  3. It looks just like the banners. Yep just like that with the number, looks like there could be blue outline on the number also. Then a skyline or something underneath (hard to see from the screenshot) with Philadelphia written in bold white under that.
  4. Info from a product sheet (keep in mind they've all been right except the heat one so far): * Milwaukees jersey is a 3 tone blue in a wave like pattern. The blue that was shown earlier on the shirt is top level, a royal blue at the bottom of jersey and top of shorts and then navy blue at the bottom of the shorts. * Clippers jersey to be reverse of last year as previously leaked * Philly fans hoping for an exact remake of the blacks will be upset if the product sheet is correct. It will be black with a large white number just under the collar. It looks like a skyline or some pattern above Philadelphia written in bold white. Blue and red trim used throughout. * Bostons jersey looks like it is very very basic with BOSTON CELTICS written on split lines on the chest and number centered under it. Green trim and piping on sides
  5. So is it odd that the Foot Locker marketing packet had the right bulls jersey but a completely different design for the heat? Heat one was black with gradient text and number and split piping on sleeves, neck and sides
  6. In that case the brief sheet given to Foot Locker that leaked would be wrong?
  7. The pelicans city jersey will be the New Orleans city flag with blue and gold trim on neckline and gold trim on sleeve.
  8. I don’t think that will happen. I think it will be a black jersey with a blue and pink gradient word mark and the trim split one side blue and one side pink. Could be wrong though
  9. Taking a stab, the heats will be black with a 50/50 split of the neon vice pink and neon vice blue on the trim and font. The bulls will be a black with CHICAGO font in red or gold, majority of the design will be focused on the shorts