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  1. I knew exactly what these kits were for when I saw them. This badge is such a great representation for this city. It connects some recognizable soccer logos with the flags that go hand and hand with auto activities. These are such cool kits. The rocket launch pattern flows so well in my opinion. Wow, what a logo. What good representation of the area after looking into those sources you posted. This is so dope. I'm currently right outside La Jolla while my fiancé attends UCSD. Those clash kits give such a subtle nod to the library while keeping the design simple. Also, I just love this badge. It's very clean and really looks royal or high class which also lends to the very rich area. Congrats on the full time opportunity! I'm still so stoked on Santa Ana and more of the San Diego areas whenever the time presents for it.
  2. First off thanks for continuing on with this idea. These two are some of my favorite kits and for completely different reasons. I'm really digging up the ingenuity with Fremont Dynamo SC. Both Dynamo kits are very strong without being too busy. I think you did a great job with balancing these. The Irvine FC kits are just traditionally so appealing. I wish I could put my finger on it. I guess I just like how simple they are aesthetically? Each color just works very well with the other. My criticism with these kits (and all the Nike kits quoted below) are the graded circle design that is on either end of the main sponsor. I assume that's just the template there but I think there's an improvement to be made on the clash Dynamo kit without them there. I think both of these crests are lacking in areas. The Dynamo crest has a really nice shape the overall badge but I think the more I look at it the more confused I get. Is there another shape that's supposed to be there besides the "F" and the lightning bolt? That's all I see but at the same time it feels like there's more and maybe I just can't find it. I went to school in Irvine and lived there for a couple of years so if the crest is supposed to be as cookie cutter and inoffensive as possible on purpose for the joke then you hit that nail on the head. I just want to give props here for using an oil tower in these kits and it not being weird to see. In my opinion they work very well. Wow, great linework with the crest. These kits pop in all the right ways. I'm such a fan of the home kit. This re-design really stands out when compared to your other work. This is just a very solid facelift with some of the basics in the badge and some of your unique flair with the clash kit. Well done! Órale Vato! I have nothing but praise for you on this one. The decision to go with Club Atlético de East Los as the team name is fantastic. The crest was such a good idea and the execution is damn good. The text choice fits very well and I'm such a a big fan of the incorporation of the tail fin and Whittier Arch. These clash kits with the pinstriping look are so next level. I think it would be better without those Nike graded circles around the main sponsor but again I think my personal preference is never having those there. I just want to give you the biggest ups on these. You've got this Mexican-American's approval. Shout-out the Golden Boy as well! I'm just here to thank you for helping me visualize an idea I've had with using the Jazz design with jerseys. Thank you! I see that you are going to be working on a Santa Ana team. I just want to throw out Suavecito Pomade is a potential sponsor. They are a Santa Ana based company and have a presence in the community. They may not be big enough for your purposes but I just wanted to throw their names out there.
  3. These are all so fantastic. I literally made an account to compliment these designs and this idea. I really think the Mammoth team is the strongest when considering both crest and kit. Great work!
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