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  1. This thread is awesome!! Literally my only complaint is that the surfboard on the Oceanside crest looks like a football
  2. These look awesome, I'm just having trouble picturing them on a hockey uni. Might work as an alternate logo? To be honest, I think option B on page 3 is still your best bet for the primary mark.
  3. Chicago is awesome, I love the chest/sleeve stripes, and I think they would look really good on the socks as well. With the Gold City Gatekeepers, how about red pants? the gold/red/gray color scheme is great, but I feel like the gray/white and gray/gold gradients prevent the color combo from popping like it could.
  4. I love the stripes on South Carolina (consistency is key) and the Illinois shield. Not sure about the circles around the Iowa helmet logo and the South Carolina red helmet logo, but still amazing job!!
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