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  1. I’m wondering if anyone knows if there’s an archive of vintage sports posters. I’m looking for early 1900’s Detroit Tigers and Ottawa Senators.
  2. Arshavin, Henry and Bergkamp are correct. Cech, Chilwell, Hasselbaink. Drogba would work, but I used Lampard.
  3. Your Guardians concept is incredible. I’m always amazed at the concepts board members come up with. It’s baffling the direction pro teams go in sometimes, when there’s a wealth of design talent here. The tie in to the Crusaders colour scheme was very well thought out too. I’m not so keen on the Spiders concepts, but that’s likely due to how good the Guardian design is and not in any relation to the actual designs. Edit. As for centring the logo, I think you went for the best option by aligning the C with the middle seem.
  4. Home shirt reminds me of our 1999 top. I like it.
  5. That’s exactly the blue I had in mind. You nailed it. What a stunning set!
  6. I suppose we could pretend the W is Gordie Howe, but it wasn’t originally who I had in mind.
  7. HA is Shanahan. W is a goalie.
  8. Thanks! It worked out surprisingly well. Can you identify any of the players I referenced?
  9. Hartford Whalers. Team Name:
  10. Chicago Blackhawks. Team Name:
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