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  1. Have any of you seen the WFL Football Cards Website? Some cool sets and photos.
  2. Anyone have a better shot of the stripe? It appears to be very unique from the photos.
  3. These logos are awesome. Do you have the logos from last year's S&S caps? How about any previous years? Thanks for sharing your work!
  4. Great news - can't wait to see the rest of your set.
  5. Bump - any additional logos coming?
  6. I have a few different versions of that logo. Send me a private note and I will email them to you.
  7. I have a large cap collection - but it is a little different from the others in this thread. I have over 4200 custom made Gumball Baseball Caps. I basically take the old ones we used to buy at games and in machines (about the size of a quarter) , clean them, paint them and add custom logos. My collection includes AL, NL, Federal League, International (WBC, Japan, Mexico, Korea, etc), AAA, AA, A, Rookie, Independent Leagues, Summer/Wood Bat Leagues, and a few others. I am looking at NCAA next.
  8. Yes - both sides of the helmet. At least up until the all-star game that year. At some point after that, the decals were no longer used.
  9. Thanks. Not to get off topic, but how do you attach photos on this board?
  10. In 1975, for at least a portion of the season, the Cards appear to have worn a logo on the sides of their batting helmets, much like a football helmet. I searched for copies of this logo and could not find any. So, I attempted to make if myself. I think I am close, but if any of your more talented artists can clean this up, I would appreciate it. Since I cannot figure out how to attach photos, here is a link to the post I made on another board, showing photos and my version of the logo.
  11. In 1987, they were independent. From 88 to 89, they were an Angels affiliate. In 90 and 91, they were back to independent.
  12. Does anyone know what the official team colors were for the Aces from 1972 to 1975?
  13. I have over a thousand custom made gumball-sized football helmets from the WFL, USFL, XFL, WLAF, NFLE, Arena Football, lots of other indoor leagues and some obscure, smaller outdoor leagues like the SFL and RFL.
  14. Does anyone have a good photo of the cap/helmet logo for the 1998 Danville 97s? They only played one season in the Carolina League before moving to Myrtle Beach. I have seen the main team logo (team name with a red train). But that is not the cap logo. I am looking for any help on this - picture of a cap, scan of a baseball card showing the cap, copy of the actual cap logo - anything at all. Thanks!
  15. I have a collection of about 4000 football helmets. Most of them are custom made. I also have a big collection of custom made baseball and hockey vending helmets (I call them Gumball Helmets). Here is my Flickr site which features lots of my artwork and some photos of completed sets.
  16. Anyone been able to find a clean copy of the "A" logo or the "A" in moon logo? I have only see the logos on the caps, but not a real good version of just those 2 logos.
  17. Does anyone have these logos in JPG or Vector formats? Or any other formats that I can convert? I am looking for the Stars and Stripes logos used by Louisville and Air Force on their white helmets on September 11 of this year. I need them for a small project I am working on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. I think Georgia State U just updated their logo for 2010. The one in this thread is the old logo, I think. The newer logos are much better.
  19. Maxim - Great work as always. I noticed that for some of the teams (like Idaho, Florida, Gwinnett) you are only showing jerseys and not the logos alone. For other teams (Alaska, Bakersfield) you have jerseys and the logo files also. Can you add the logo files for all the teams? Those work the best on the site, I think.
  20. The logo behind home plate looks like Navy, Lt Blue and white.
  21. Anyone know where to get copies of these logos? They must exist on a site somewhere, but I cannot find them. A member made a few, and they looked great. Thanks.