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  1. Jr's job will be to block for the Hendrick twins until Jeffy Boy wins his 8th Title. After that, MAYBE, Rick Hendrick will give Jr. his blessing and ALLOW him to win a Title. Terry Labonte won the Title in 1996 and spent all of 1997 blocking for Jeffy Boy.
  2. My favorite Onion story! Carolina Residents Confused, Terrified As Victorious Hurricane Players Riot In Streets
  3. Velcro has already been done. John Kordic, Marty McSorley etc. velcroed their sleeve seams making it easier to free their arms during fights, so the league outlawed it.
  4. is a pretty neat site for fans of goalie masks.
  5. The Mets wore that jersey style from 1988-1990 only it had NEW YORK in 3-color plain block arch. I can't find any good pics of that jersey though.
  6. You forgot to add Maxpro and the Rawlings helmet that was used in the late 80's.
  7. They are not the practice jerseys...the practice jerseys look like a worn down reversed version of the Thanksgiving throwbacks minus the stars on the shoulders....also he does mention the first wave of THESE jerseys are sold out....they aren't sold period because they are fake jerseys...the jerseys that are or rather were sold out are the real away blues.....anywho semantics and the people who actually won are the ones i feel sorry for What are you talking about practice jerseys for he never mentioned it was a practic jersey. He said authentic apparel, I read that as authentic NFL apparel whether that be a fashion jersey or whatever, and these fashion jerseys could have been sold out you don't know that, Most people aren't as sport, logo, jersey nuts as us in here, I think if someone was wanting to buy a Dallas Cowboys jersey for their son or something. I don't think they are being misled buy the advertisement. They should read carefully about what said merchandise is, but I don't think he is lying. I'm not arguing over symantics and only mentioned the practice jersey thing because it was mentioned above, it wasn't directed at you but I was commenting on the authentic apparel is completely misleading, sure the idiot who buys this deserves to waste the money (and frankly a smack on the head with a hammer probably as well) but send this to the Dallas Cowboys website and I'm sure they would be none too happy about whether or not it's misleading....he's says it's authentic (and because it has the tags doesn't make it so) and he says it's the navy blue they wear on away games...sure he doesn't specifically says it's the exact jerseys but that's just being nit picky saying its not misleading....because it is extremely easy to see he's trying to imply these are authentic jerseys as worn by the team...but again, I'm not going to argue about it...I just don't believe the seller deserves the money for this crap he's trying to pass off as anything other than a shirt you get at a thrift store.......but that's just me...i mean cuz if you wanted to get technical he does mention it as "authentic NFL apparel" and that it's others have said at best its one of those wal-mart jerseys which would make it authentic cowboys apparel... but I'm just sayin' I saw a bunch of these at Rugged Wearhouse a few weeks back for $4.99 each.
  8. It has been rumored that the LI Ducks were the inspiration for the movie SlapShot. The Johnstown Jets of the EHL were the inspiration for SlapShot. The movie started out as a documentary about life in the minors but George Roy Hill felt it would work better as a comedy. So alot of incidents from around the minors were portrayed including some from the Ducks storied past. One that didn't make the cut was when the Ducks team bus was late for a road game and instead of going to the arena the team went to a movie instead. You are kinda right, the Chiefs were based on the Johnstown Jets since they filmed the movie in Johnstown. But the MOVIE was not. The Hansons were based on the real life Carlson Bros. Ogie Oglethorpe was based on Bill Goldthorpe. Player/Coach Reggie was loosely based on LI Ducks Player/Coach John Brophy. Nancy Dowd who wrote the script is the sister of Ned Dowd who played minor league hockey, contributed to the writing of the script and portrayed Ogie Oglethorpe in the movie.
  9. There is a minor league baseball team called the LI Ducks. There was also a EHL minor league hockey team called the LI Ducks in the 60's. John Brophy played for the ducks and got many of the scars on his face from the chain link fence that surrounded the rink, or so the story goes. It has been rumored that the LI Ducks were the inspiration for the movie SlapShot.
  10. I always thought that a players shoulder pads could not protrude from under their jersey. I say this because back in the 80's many TV commentators raised questions about Harry Carson's and Carl Banks' upper arm protectors.
  11. You are missing the obvious: Oakland Athletics of Fremont!
  12. They use that scheme for their Division and Conference Banners. The White was used to set it apart from the others.
  13. I wasn't fast enough to get a picture but during the 3rd period the Canes jumbotron had a graphic saying: Contrary to popular belief the sabres new logo is not a banana slug!" Then yesterday morning on the radio John Forslund said the unis were the worst he ever saw.
  14. They're just fashions sets. Back in Jordan's days at UNC they had a single wide stripe down the sides, no borders on the pant inserts and the numbers are the wrong font.
  15. Rugged Warehouse has blanks every now and then.
  16. If you bought a decent lettering kit it will have glue on the back so the the #'s/letters can be heat applied to the shirt. Any seamstress who has a zigzag function(most do) on their machine can do the job. But Like jpslapshot22 said placement is important and I don't know many seamstresses who have an arch template to place the name correctly. You could take it to a sporting goods or t-shirt store that does vinyl and decal lettering and have them apply the #'s/letters to the shirt then bring it to a seamstress to do the sewing, if you're lucky enough you could find a store that could finish the jersey without charging an arm & a leg. If you have any questions about placement check out they have a page about placement on baseball jerseys.
  17. Hey, there's still enough time for Garth Snow to get canned and the Buffaslug made GM of the Isles!
  18. Just from a quick Google Search, the Mets have worn Cubans TBs several times as far back as 2001. I believe this jersey was from 2001. Grey Flannel Auctions
  19. They used a ball with red and blue stitching during the 1984 Olympics.
  20. What a great contribution to the thread... And to answer your question.... it's a new logo and you're on a logos message board... need any help with this? No, I don't. I realize what kind of board this is, but the number of threads surrounding the Ducks is quite humorous.
  21. Why are so many people here obsessed with the ducks?
  22. For all you fans of the two-tone helmet, one is for sale on e-bay
  23. The uniforms are fine, but the logo is awful. As I said in another post, the only good thing about the Jets logo is tradition. The logo is way too damn cluttered. Hardly one of the best in the NFL -- in fact, one of the worst if not THE worst. But the key is what you said: Jets fans wouldn't put up with a new logo. If the fans like it, if they identify with it, then that's all that counts. As a Jets fan I was thrilled when they brought back the "Namath" unis and logo. Yes, the design is cluttered but we really haven't had much to get excited about since the "Sack Exchange"!
  24. The whole thing is a "C"--the stick makes the inside. The outline done in red here is also a "C" Back in the day we referred to this logo as "The Smiling Clam". IMHO for the time it was used it was pretty neat.
  25. Actually their original jerseys were a base yellow with black stripes (one had vert. stripes the other hor. stripes). These were true rugby style jerseys. They wore the yellow with vert. stripes during the NFL's 75th Anniversary.