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  1. I had to log in to reply to this (I haven't been a regular reader or contributor here for nearly ten years). I drew the famous "incorrectly coloured" jerseys in Adobe Illustrator based on a black and white photo scanned from a newspaper. I knew that navy was the main colour but completely guessed on the shades of the others. When I drew them over a decade ago THERE WAS NO GOOD INFORMATION ON WHAT THE ACTUAL COLOURS WERE so perhaps we could tone down the rhetoric about drawing them "with no regard." I did post them on this board but I did not intend for them to become the definitive image of the unused Nordiques jerseys. As far as incorrect graphics goes, I'll admit it is frustrating to see logos, etc. that are rendered incorrectly if logos and crests are your "thing." I tried for years to get the Detroit Free Press to stop using my incorrectly drawn Red Wings logo but to no avail. The internet is forever, kids. Try not to read too much into it.
  2. This is true. Note how the Original 6 NHL teams told Reebok where they could stick their awful crap, with 4 teams changing nothing, 1 team making only minor changes, and another doing a retro jersey anyway. Even still you will lose as a fan because they will jack up prices and reduce quality. Hell, Reebok already did this. Remember how you could get NFL jerseys for like $40-$50 before they took them over? They instantly became $65 and now they are what, $75-$85? Not quite: Canucks and Senators got new jerseys all together, so can't include them. Calgary was butchered with piping and blotches of black/red/yellow all up the waist/under arm area... not to mention the god awful socks. Edmonton basically wear practice jerseys, all white or all blue, with vertical elbow bands that go about half way around and some ridiculous piping. Toronto lost the hem stripes. Basically an all blue or all white jersey with 2 stripes on the elbows. Montreal stayed pretty much the same except for the blue elbow bands are angular instead of being parallel. Original Six NHL teams: Boston Bruins - Went retro New York Rangers - No stylistic change Montreal Canadiens - No stylistic change except for sleeve stripes Toronto Maple Leafs - Lost the hemlines Detroit Red Wings - No stylistic change Chicago Blackhawks - No stylistic change
  3. the nhl seems to have problems with left-west/right-east anyway. just look at the most recent cup patches and everything. There's no problem with the positioning of East/West or left/right if you consider that the perspective is from Canada looking southward. Turn to the right and you face the Pacific. Turn to the left and you face the Atlantic.
  4. (hint: look at StarsHockey's avatar) But it doesn't make sense without the whole wordmark. With just the top part cut out it looks incomplete. It works when the Spurs use the horseshoe U without the rest of the logo, but not here. The is like if the Capitals used the hockey stick "t" as a stand alone logo... doesn't mean anything and loses its punch. As they are the Washington Capitals they would be poorly represented by a hockey stick alone. Hpwever, the Stars are using a picture of a star in that instance. I fail to see how leaving the cut on the top point for identification purposes makes the logo seem incomplete.
  5. Personally, I would make the pepper red instead of green because then it would make it a more exciting shade. Red equals spicy equals fired up equals fun.
  6. No, he simply used a helmet with EPP foam instead of the more traditional vinyl nitrite. Also, teams don't "change the inside panels" from one padding type to another. A player simply tells the equipment provider which type of padding he would like and they provide him with a helmet as per his request.
  7. Nike Bauer Hockey has nothing to do with the design or production of uniforms. Nike Team Sports is the division responsible for uniforms and team focused soft goods. Nike Bauer Hockey certainly knows how to run a business as they have the largest market share in the hockey equipment business.
  8. Roger, the real question is: When does the Real Canadian Superstore start selling the bottoms to go with those Oilers' pajama tops?
  9. When the current uniform supplier deal for the NHL was signed Reebok wasn't in the hockey business. The Hockey Company (CCM, Koho, Jofa, etc.) crafted a 10 year exclusive deal with the NHL for uniforms to players and officials just a half season removed from the demise of Pro Player. Pro Player was an exclusive supplier to 15 teams of the NHL. The Hockey Company exclusively supplied the top 15 highest grossing teams in the league. Pro Player started to hemmorage money, declared bankruptcy and its assets were quietly divided. No fanfare and little notice. The NHL pooped in their pajamas thinking "Holy Fack, we're in trouble!" The Hockey Company stepped up and offered a 10% premium per year for 10 years with full exclusiveity. The NHL jumped and were happy to get the money guaranteed over the long term. They thought they hit paydirt. Now, along comes Reebok and says "Rbk ain't be being on no ice, y'all. Rbk be wanting to be getting down out on da ice, y'all!" It was always disconcerting to hear Reebok talk about himself in the third person, especially on game days. Anyways, I digress... Reebok purchases The Hockey Company two years into a ten year jersey deal. Reebok gets instant uniform contract and it takes two seasons before they can collectively decide how to fack up hockey jerseys. The NHL may have been a bit desperate and The Hockey Company probably lowballed them on their way to a ten year exclusive contract. The Hockey Company probably wouldn't have done too many stupid things on their own to ruin jerseys but once Reebok was in control the hockey uniform as we knew it was living on borrowed time. They had free lisence to attempt to push technological boundaries as well as profit margins so they used mentally unstable reasoning in the areas of piping application, hemlines and the usage of templates in their quest to ruin another pro league's uniforms.
  10. "Please welcome YOUR BOSTON TEA PARTY!"
  11. You know the Moose isn't knew, eh? They've been using it for a couple of seasons already. As far as the numbers go, they've been a Moose staple since they were in the IHL so I don't anticipate a change any time soon.
  12. Now, let's get a posted screencap of those Blues' pants.
  13. It is the tie down that prevents a player's jersey from being pulled over their head during a fight.
  14. So, since the Oilers are also known as The Oil do they drill, pump from the ground and refine themselves?(Come on, guys - this is like throwing a soft, underhand lob to Barry Bonds on the first pitch...)