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  1. floor cam which espn introduced when they started televising nba again in the mid 00's....that failed miserably as we were able to see up the players shorts...
  2. Forlan wins golden ball Muller wins golden boot. P
  3. Elia to score in extra time If it goes to pks Elia to MISS And Spain to win
  4. bulls wouldnt have gotten korver and or redick had james chosen then....still a better fit for lebron if he cared about winning ON HIS OWN TERMS AND SOLIDIFYING HIS LEGACY.
  5. Knicks Bulls I guess while we're at it....Nets. heat ftw
  6. Miami. There goes the fun of the NBA season. Wake me up when the playoffs begin.
  7. damn it lebron just tell us already Miami - 50% Cleveland - 30% Chicago - 15% NY - 5%
  8. http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=5360134 Wade and Bosh staying/going to miami.... gotta think lebron is staying in cleveland, but you never know this could very well setup something else.
  9. LeBron - Chicago Wade - Chicago Bosh - Miami Stoudamire - New York Johnson - Atlanta Allen - Boston Felton - New York B. Miller - Atlanta Shaq - Dallas Haywood - Toronto Farmar - Boston J. O'Neal - Cleveland Q. Rich - Clippers Alston - Charlotte Lee - New Jersey McGrady - Lakers Barnes - Washington Iverson - Dallas Jefferson - Miami Boozer - New Jersey M. Miller - Cleveland
  10. for some reason im feeling uruguay today