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  1. someone here made NHL fonts, find them and DOWNLOAD. they're a LOAD of help
  2. mmhmm, and WHY aren't you designing jerseys and logos for the NHL yet?
  3. 2 words :censored:ing stupid i mean, what's a sports team without a team name? or atleast a logo?
  4. That reminds me to much of the No Fear eyes It's hard to make out, but I see this guy: hahahaha
  5. that B shouldn't be a primary logo IMO, maybe on the switch the logos on it
  6. I think it would make a good wordmark - Hatem 'The Nightrain' (also known as Phenomenal) Askari
  7. United Kingdom the Union Jack looks good ANYWHERE
  8. Another reason to hate the Red Devils you mean Liverpool are The Reds
  9. i think the eye should be red, other than that it's great
  10. lovin the flyers 3rd in the second set
  11. considering the fact that i hate Nirvana, they look great! and you missed one of the pits on the black jersey
  12. the A is on the wrong side
  13. those queen ones are SWEET!
  14. for that bobcats one, since i thought the cherry was red, i was gonna say "half the NBA"
  15. FOUND IT! Musical concepts
  16. put the picture of an Arab Sheik rolling in money while the ozone layer is thinning.... BTW, I'm half Arab
  17. Land Rover? ooooo thats tough, if i think of anything good, ill post it
  18. anything? wow, that was a crappy 300th post