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  1. in the chl we rgv killer bees hate..and i mean hate the bucks!! laredo bucks when the p.a. announces the bucks line-up it is followed by video of actual bucks..then a shotgun noise.. during the game fans will chant the opposing goalies last name 3 times then say "YOU SUCK" to a player on the bucks whose last name is "heibert" we chant "shebert" heibert is an who slashed one of our players in the wrist injuring him for about a week or 2 and did not get suspended!!! usually when they have the "look alike" segment..they compare the bucks coach to a donkey's ass!! as far as me heckling..this past season against the bucks i was screaming out crap to the bucks as they entered the ice...stuff like "go back home, u suck, losers, etc) the arena was pretty empty so he (i think it was the captain for the bucks, who greeted all the players as they entered the ice) could hear me cuz he turned and looked at me.. - joey
  2. that's great..i been following the bees since the beginning..this coming year will be tough though..we lost alot of great players including the coach who went to the new colorado team..rocky mountain rage.. im not sure but i think i seen them the play the mudbugs here...i try to see all teams here at least once...although we go to the bucks game alot..we dont like bucks - joey
  3. ahh....a fellow chler? i'ma a rgv killer bee fan myself...about 20 minutes away from the arena and seen them play quite a bit... the mudbugs are also hosting next year's all-star game...jersey's and a logo have been released for it... - joey
  4. chauncy was a bit selfish in the beginning i think..but being in detroit has total changed/helped him
  5. probably seeing the local minor league hockey team The Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees all the players are available to chat with after the games, and it just makes it great that you get to know these guys at a level other than a sports player it's cool that they actually recognize me when i see them at sam goody!!! a close second was seeing shaq play against the spurs (im a big shaq fan) actually the funny thing was that the first time i was gonna see him he got suspended for almost giving brad miller a new face...luckly the 2nd time we went shaq did not get suspended, he was with l.a. at the time
  6. these look great.. one thing i noticed is that, im not sure if it's supposed to be like that but if u look at the black strip on the white jersey, right-side (my right) it looks a bit shorter than it's away complement strip... other than that they are nice uniform's - joey p.s. although it would hard to see on ur template but maybe you could add the "double ss" on the bottom side strip of the shorts
  7. starting lineup figs are excused from this because those figs had nothing to them but the player's name/team/number... they had no resemblance (sp) to the players, i have a couple of starting line-ups, and really the only reason i got them was because it did feature players i liked, i had no expectations with starting line ups with mcfarlane's toys you expect the best, after all he set the bar at a higher level with all his toys in articulation and detail, but using vince carters template for brand was not only crap but unreal. i think we all know brand could never do something like that.
  8. i didn't say all of his basketball figs sucked..most do though..i have the la laker shaq one and that's awesome.. the one thing i hate though is when he uses the same "template" for players... like this elton brand is bascially doing a vince carter..which can never happen!! let alone that the faces of the figs do look bad.. i actually visit frequently...i love most of his figs, but some of his sports fig i think lack the likeness..
  9. most of mcfarlane's basketball figs don't look anything like the actual players they are probably the worst sculpted sports figs he does...some are cool but it seems that he does not put that much effort in his basketball figs like his hockey/baseball/football figs.. - joey
  10. i'm starting to make sigs on photoshop but i have problems when i render pics to them.. it seems that when i cut the render, copy/paste to the other it leaves a white glow around the render is there something i can do to get rid of the glow and just have a clean render? many thanks joey
  11. personally im tired of hearing all the things associated with this years nfl draft... should the texans trade, titans are taking vince young..etc...etc...etc... just get it over with already!!!!! i swear this is like the first draft i can remember that had so much coverage/exposure in a long while...they are hyping this thing majorly!!!!! not saying that the players arent great players...but how many times do we really need to hear how great reggie bush is..or lienart...etc - joey
  12. i havn't really heard of any hot prospects right now... who's thus far the best and most likely to be #1 pick?
  13. i read that they might trade tkachuk..since they are rebuilding..i don't think they should trade him...he's still good in my opinion..but maybe they can move some other ppl to get a bit more established...although they already traded alot of great players..there in a limbo... joey