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  1. thanks everyone. I figured I'd give a few more examples. There's a lot I'm currently working on, that might never see the light of day also.
  2. Same here. Was that for a specific sport? Yes, was made for a hockey team. I guess it could be used for really any sport though.
  3. So I've been doing some random logos for local teams, schools and such for a little while and I figured I'd make a site to sell my services. Mostly have been doing hockey since I'm in Michigan, but I've done a lot of other sports and fantasy sports logos (which are normally too graphic to display). Still working on getting all of them up, but heres a few. Some more are located on my site Also hope this doesn't come off as spamming my crap. Just looking to see what you guys think.
  4. i like the first one. keep the diamond.
  5. loled at the names. some of the real jerseys are untouchable, but you did a good job with (original 6). I really like the Red Wings as a throwback option. Phoenix and STL are better than their current.
  6. i like slovenia's white jerseys...but the dark looks odd