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  1. SF Giants! ...Please... if your still doing them. Thanks. looks smooth.
  2. Great job! Looks very nice.
  3. OooOO! Cal Bears looks awesome!! Thanx
  4. Man, the helmets just pop beautifully in you work here MG. Great job. If your up to it I would love to see a Golden Bears helmet.
  5. Ha Haaaaaaaaaaa!! Timmy Looks awesome. Great work, and great idea! Much respect bro.
  6. Very cool. Tim Lincecum would be sweet.
  7. kalbearz

    Graveyard Please

    Cain, Lincecum. Dang. Speedy. Awesome LEWJ. Very cool look. Gracias
  8. kalbearz

    Graveyard Please

    Nice work! Hows about a Lincecum / Cain? Let the Giants get a little love, ya?
  9. Thanx 4 the Giants foamy, brauny. Very cool.
  10. Sweet! SF Giants please... Solid idea
  11. He He... Awesome! Thanx!
  12. Sweet! Actually, kinda funny Hows about a A. Rowand?? SF Giants please!
  13. kalbearz

    TBS Graphics

    Love the Giants one. Thanks man!
  14. kalbearz

    TBS Graphics

    Sweet button. SF Giants please if your willing. Either way solid.