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  1. It's just a low level rec league here in Kelowna. I've got a couple buddies who've played for the wranglers. The secondary logos on the jerseys are blatant rips too.
  3. CBC had a quick segment on the designers/painters of goalie masks CBC News Video
  4. The Royal Canadian Golf Associtation has rebranded it's self Golf Canada From TSN Story OLD NEW
  5. Looking at this gallery also furthers the point. The majority of the team logos displayed in the plane are 'Stick & Rink'|VAN|home
  6. Kelowna? Been to my fair share of games at Prospera Place, Pretty tame... I could think of many other more volatile place to watch a game.
  7. CBC News article for background
  8. I was out for dinner last night and was trying to pay attention to my girlfriend (and her parents might I add) while a TV in the background was showing SportsNet Connected, in this trying situation I caught a glimpse of them discussing the Canucks 3rd with the image leaked here, I couldn't hear it but I am currently looking for a clip. I would like to find out if they were confirming or denying the jersey.
  9. Well I guess I'm in the minority so far... I don't really like the digi-camo at all. I don't really like camo on jerseys period so take it for what it's worth. The all star jersey is quite nice.
  10. I find it a little sad with the game in Atlanta and Ilya Kovalchuk did not voted in. Where's the home town support?