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  1. If so, they're going to look pretty good. I always wondered why they went away from the uniforms they were most associated with for a rather generic look.Very nice, just looks like they removed the red stripe that used to run above the blue stripe at the bottom of the shorts. Overall great to see UConn and Arizona returning their late 90's looks. Time for Wake Forrest to hop on board.The red stripe is on the shorts too. Change from previous look is the arm, neck and waste band trim, as well as the updated word mark.
  2. Looks like UCONN is bringing back the side stripes! From Sam Cassell Jr's instagram:
  3. Dallas Mavs-esqueI wear this as my goalkeeper kit in my corporate league. The colorway is available in the states as a standard option.
  4. I'm familiar with recent HP logo standards. The logo itself, or "jewel" is shown on the home kit looks to be the same as HP's preferred secondary usage color. Their primary use of the jewel is built using gradients. They are making a push towards using the flat secondary mark, so perhaps they are using it on the White kit to garner awareness. The other uniforms would offer a class of blues, which is against HP's standards. (go gunners)
  5. Can we please stop talking about Carolina's uniforms while looking at the green of the whale? It's making me sick.
  6. Think that's the keeper in the gray kit, the regular soccer jersey is on the guy standing next to the hockey player My guess is that one of them is the home kit, the other is the away kit. The gray subliminal jersey is definitely the keeper kit. The blue is the change strip. UConn wears all white at home. Always.
  7. I'd like to see the Yankees simplify their road set. Lose the white so it's just Navy and grey, the way it used to be back in the day.
  8. Canada looks sublime today. Keeper kit and all. Well done Umbro!
  9. The rockies vest is the worst uniform in the majors.
  10. No doubt. They should just make them dark gray or navy.
  11. I would like to see them take a Georgetown approach with grey and dark navy blue. Maybe red numbers for a dodgers tie back.