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  1. Not that it matters cus no one will see them, but it looks like the children of the corn from nebraska got new unis.... maybe it will take the nebraskans' minds off their poorly playing football team.
  2. I see that k-state is keeping their huggins era jerseys.... anyone hear about west virginia and if they are changing or not?
  3. well sorry spyboy i guess everyone i talks to just calls it ncaa 08 and so i do..... i figured it would be referred to as that here as well..... my bad if i caused you any distress by not giving you enough info.... lol ... anyway ya for 360 the all red is the only option and usually they use their main sets so i dont know maybe wisconsin will be breaking them out this year. I also thought the red wisconsin pants had two white stripes, but also these are gone
  4. in ncaa '08 wisconsin wears all red at home... is this accurate now...? just wondering
  5. Don't think it was ever posted in here, but Colorado got their unis ruined by nike also.
  6. I must say that these are great just like your other concepts that I have seen.
  7. The Kansas State spring game is tonight. Does anyone think they might unveil the new uniforms sometime during the game or at the half?
  8. I highly doubt K-State would change their unis a year after they got them. They will keep them until nike makes them get another style in 5 years or so.
  9. With Huggins' past history is it safe to say the Mountaineers will be getting some new hoops unis?
  10. Well, facemask is still the same for spring practice.... anymore news on these?
  11. Has anyone done a mock-up to see if these bad boys look any good?
  12. holy cow!!! I don't know what to think about this.... I love the currents, but change could be okay.
  13. Kansas State black if it hasn't been mentioned already. And this might be a stupid question, but does Ohio State even have white jerseys?
  14. Hey could you do one with an all black helmet and facemask and then an orange texas longhorn like the Chase County Longhorns. It's a brighter orange than the Texas one.