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  1. fitz

    World Cup sigs

    Celtic maybe? Thanks!
  2. LOVE these!! Really gets me in the mood as we close in. Since you added Ireland (agree), any way I can see a design for the USA with DTOM design? Again, Great Job!
  3. fitz

    Logo Wallpapers

    Great work. Need something new over summer. When you got time, how about Mr. Wuf. Wolfpack
  4. Spoke to a manager at the pro shop in Green Bay, they have been told that these will not be on the uniform this year. So they say....
  5. fitz

    Flag Signatures

    These look great! How about a classic Packers one, thinking Green background (but if gold looks better.....) Stripes on the side with this logo thanks!!
  6. Love the look. Not a fan of the bottle cap. It reminds me of a Single A logo. In keeping with the concept to brewing, I think the new Barley M would fit the style better. Great Concept.
  7. Here is the story link about Owgust.
  8. Article in todays Milw. Journal-Sentinel about a guy doing a history of the Barrel Man Logo. Great Picture from 1901 (no pc then). Barrel Man
  9. Simple: Request Format Size: 1024 x 798 Player(s): - Logo(s): Brewers Ball and Glove logo Type of Wallpaper: anything that rocks in your mind Any other information: Thanks!!
  10. fitz

    New Baseball Sig

    Please may I have: Brewers Home 1982 #19 Brewers Road 1982 #19 Thanks!
  11. fitz

    Detroit Lions

    Logo makes me think of: