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  1. This isn't technically a concept... I just fixed the things about their new jerseys to change them from 'awful' to 'okay'. I think it still needs to go a step further... their shoulder patch is a terrible logo and it needs some horizontal stripes on the bottom.
  2. Damn... I just realized that this isn't too far off from Speedy's concept... I promise that's not where my inspiration came from.
  3. I haven't had time to work on the back yet. Here's what I have on the home version so far. I'm thinking about adding some dark blue under the arms but I'm undecided on that still.
  4. Personally, I'd prefer that they stay with their current design, but if they are going to change them I'd like to see something like this with the colors of their most recent design and the layout of the early 90's style. I'm going to try doing the dark one, but I struggle with 'filling in' the white template (maybe I'm missing something really obvious here) so it might not be post-worthy.
  5. I know that not using horizontal stripes seems like the natural thing to do with this jersey style, but a league official said earlier this week that horizontal stripes aren't going away. I'd like to see some concepts that have soom.
  6. degroat

    San Diego Soul

    I think it looks good, but I'd like to see a darker green used.
  7. I'd love them... if it used their 'regular' logo. BTW... can someone post a link to the RBK Swift template? Thanks in advance...