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  1. I don't really care how long the Kings wore Purple and gold. They look better in black and silver and it was the best era of the franchise. The current look is just generic.
  2. Speaking as a pseudo audiophile I can attest that the trend is NOT to consume product currently sold by the major record labels - be it CD's or MP3's. This is because the music industry has been overly compressing digital music to the point where the music becomes distorted and loses its dynamic range. It is the antithesis of the goal of the audiophile. Audiophiles will instead seek out specific older CD pressings (and vinyl) - often from the 80's. The other trend is to download homemade flac "needle drops" from rare record pressings recorded with very expensive esoteric equipment. As fas as vinyl is concerned, audiophiles don't listen to it because CD's are "too perfect". CD's are considered technically inferior in terms of resolution by many audiophiles. Vinyl is obviously warmer and does not have the cold bite that CD's do. Of course if you've only heard vinyl through your average tin can record player and don't know what a tube amp is you really have no idea what vinyl actually sounds like. As far as Audiophiles not being able to thumb their noses at MP3's are concerned ummmm sorry but you have no absolutely idea what you are talking about. People that listen to MP3's may not be able to notice a difference but that is only because they don't have an ear (and more importantly a system) for high resolution music and they don't really care about quality. Audiophiles are like the members of this board that obsess over details while the people that listen to MP3's are average people that don't notice the difference and just want to rock out.
  3. hard to make out what that is
  4. The Canucks did not use that logo in the 50's. It was only used for about half a season in the late sixties. The logo that should be used is the one on Luongo's helmet. I love the concept otherwise.
  5. Reminds me of Napster. Still good though.
  6. The Canucks terrible uniform history can mostly be blamed on Arthur Griffiths. He is responsible for hiring the psychologist that came up with the yellow V uniforms and he is the one that put the Orca logo in motion after a fan sent in (horrific looking) unsolicited work. FTR he's also the person responsible for trading Cam Neely according to Bobby Clarke who almost had a deal in place for the forward.
  7. I'd love to see a colour swatches for the 4 major league teams to see what teams share what.
  8. They didn't use that logo because the Heat are in the Canucks back yard and the Flames are their biggest rival. Abbotsford hasn't exactly taken to the Heat because of this connection either.
  9. I hate the (unused) logo on the shoulder. The Canucks don't need to introduce any more logos ever. Especially something as bland as that one. Personally I don't like too much green on the Canucks' uniforms. There is a limit to how much green you can use. It doesn't go well with the blue.
  10. The colours are so much better.
  11. I don't like advertisements on uniforms whatsoever and I hate Adidas striping. I don't care if it's traditional in Europe. I would never buy anything with such blatant advertising splashed over it. Sports uniforms are sacred to me.
  12. If we can get used to the Habs becoming like the Maple Leafs you can get used to this. The Canucks have been around since the mid 40's. They're not changing the name and the Johnny Canuck logo is extremely popular so get used to it. It's not a bad logo. It just takes a little time to get used to it because people don't like change and the Canucks have had way too much of that. Frankly, I don't think the Canucks' look totally sucks. It's just taking them a long time to fine tune their identity. The colour scheme they have now is excellent and they have finally found a good logo set that fits the name. Eventually they will eschew the Orca altogether and use two Johnny Canuck logos and the stick. Then things will make all sense. As for this concept: Just use the Canucks actual colours.