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    Big East Football

    I love all of these. But if you were to do louisville over i would change the striping to be more red than black. Considering on the home black is very sparce, then on the road there is a lot, i think it would add consistency.
  2. I noticed this too (great fight by the way). I was wondering if I was seeing things, but i guess i was right.
  3. Wright State Raiders: Helmets: Home: Away: Alternate: Throwback: Since they really dont have a football team, Id like to know what you think. C&C
  4. Am i the only person having problems? I go to the site, sign in (fine to this point). But then I click "Create your School" and the blue loading circle comes up for about a tenth of a second, goes away, and nothing happens... Anyone have any ideas as to what the problem is?
  5. yes i have an account and i was logged in - i liked the create a school button, and niether worked - i just clicks then does nothing.
  6. Why doesnt it allow me to create one, i click the button and nothing happens.....
  7. jOkeR

    Flyers Concept

    I think if you got rid off the armpit ovals and the other under arm stripe (orange/white pointy one) it would look better.
  8. jOkeR

    Vancouver Voodoo

    Go Voodoo - #27 is the best!!!
  9. Im not following the yellow scratch marks - there is WAY too much of it - I like how you started, but I think it can look even better.
  10. I'll take the Wolves, I'm moving them... I have to go but I'll post more tomorrow. Edit: Nevermind - I'm not going to be able to... Wolves are up again.
  11. I think (could be wrong) that the roadrunners AHL franchise is the one Dallas took to move to Texas to be thier AHL club next season. I could be wrong though...
  12. My only problem with this is there is already a team in Winnipeg, so I don't understand that. But other than that, I think it's decent - not a lot of changes to the houston logo, not very original jersey design, but I think it looks good - solid concept (other than location)
  13. The only thing I would change is the two different dark blues - they are too close and it's hard to see the primary logo details. The head blends in too much with the background. You should also add sleeve numbers and shoulder logos wouldnt hurt (unless you don't want them of course)
  14. I wish the Railraiders had made it too. But the Cyclones havent been bad. The only thing I would change on your concept for them is on the alternate, make the shoulders eithe blue or silver. I dont think white looks that good.
  15. So far I think it's decent, it needs more white on the home though - I think a white outline on the logo would help too.
  16. Ultimate Wisconsin knockoff: Lakota West of southwest ohio.
  17. yes. This reminds me... I updated pretty much all of this. I used LEWJ's template and made new jersey's/pants. I used the same wordmarks for the home and away jerseys and added an alternate with the logo on the front. For the pants, I tried to match the to the jersey stripes. All jersey's and pants are interchangable. I also added too the Stadium. I put more seats in the endzones (my brother said it look too small and I agreed). So here are my changes, C&C plz.
  18. I think it's about time for Toronto to get a hockey team.
  19. Lebanon Warriors: Ohio Division 1, Region 4 - one of the best high school football regions in the country. Helmet: Home: Away:
  20. I did each one seperately, used the printscreen key to get them both into paint (still seperate) - edited them to sized, them put them together in another paint window.
  21. You can make all kinds of stuff there.
  22. I like the collar alot, and also how you kept the helmets and jerseys the same. Alambama has such a great, historic look that cant really be changed. But I do have to disagree with adding a black jersey, mainly because it is un-needed. I think their two color look is great and there really isn't a need to add a black jersey imo.
  23. First off, the main reason I decided to do this is I have applied to go to Wright State and I love playing football (which is now over for me), and Wright state doesnt have football so... They would join the Missouri Valley Football Conference being the 12th team in that league. The jerseys were made on the niketeam site because I only have paint (lame excuse but...). I tryed to make a decent jersey (nothing too insane) that went well with their wordmarks and logos. I also used the LA Kings number font and did lots of small editing in paint. The helmet was made by scottysprings (again - paint isnt easy to make good looking concepts in by itself). I also planned to have a wolf head in the collar, but it would just look terrible if I actually did it in paint. (pretend it's there ) Being that Wright state doesnt have football, I also had to make them a home (Wright-Patt Credit Union Stadium). I have a stadium being placed east of campus and north of the Nutter Center (basketball arena for WSU). It would hold around 18,500 - in the same range as the rest of the MVFC - and is basically a miniature Texas Tech stadium with club seats, 12 suites, and a press box on the south side (facing the Nutter Center - main entrance) and two video scoreboards at both end. The stadium would mostly utilize the parking lots already existing around the Nutter Center. But I have lots planned around the North, East, and South sides of the stadium because the Nutter Center is also used for things other than just basketball (minor league hockey, concerts, etc). I also have two new roads planned to go around the west and north sides of the stadium and wideing University Blvd. because traffic can get pretty terrible after hockey games at the Nutter Center which only at most about 9,000 people - half of the planned capacity of the football stadium.