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  1. ACF Fiorentina home: ACF Fiorentina 4 away/goalie jerseys:
  2. Colombia's white home is just wrong...
  3. Damn I can't remember which team were using that stripe design, but I know it's already using before. Watford looks similar:
  4. ACF Fiorentina Home ACF Fiorentina Away ACF Fiorentina Alternate ACF Fiorentina Goalkeeper 1 ACF Fiorentina Goalkeeper 2
  5. I really don't like that Marseille jersey very much...
  6. If someone has interest in it, I've created a commemorative wallpaper, size 2880x1800:
  7. They should be just slightly lighter than the shirt's color.
  8. I love the Dortmund away and the black Hannover one!
  9. Here the modified version: The template I used is the Greece World Cup Home, that's the reason you see the Nike badge inside the collar. All the patterns are meant to be exactly how you see them. As a side note, Mazda won't be the sponsor anymore.
  10. I hated the new ACF Fiorentina home jersey for the 14-15 season, so I decided to try and create a better one. Without sponsor: With (made up) sponsor:
  11. Palermo: Joma is having a really bad year . . . !
  12. ACF Fiorentina Home: ACF Fiorentina Away: ACF Fiorentina Third: ACF Fiorentina Goalkeeper: Frankly, the home is dreadful with all that useless gold... Away and keeper are very nice, the third is meh.