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  1. I'm an obsessive nutjob. I know
  2. So. I have to admit the non symmetrical use of colors was annoying me with these jerseys. The collar, word mark, numbers, and belt silhouette logo colors not matching up symmetrically across the uniforms was a big negative for me. BUT, I have cured my madness and actually with the way I've realized I can look at it, I really enjoy these designs much more. So if any of you are as bothered by it as me hopefully this little trick will help put your mind at ease as well. Lets take a closer look: Heres the breakdown. Home has teal collar, teal word mark, purple number, teal logo. Away has teal collar, white word mark, teal number, teal logo. Alternate has purple collar, white word mark, purple number, and white logo. ITS MADNESS. But if its broken down numerically then I've found it to work out quite well. I looked at it and said each part (collar, word mark, number, logo) is represented by 1. If two colors repeat then you add them up (example teal followed by teal would be 2, but teal followed by white would be 1 and 1). Looking at it this way I got the following breakdown. Home Away Alternate 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 I know Im taking this all way too far but I was so happy when I figured out a way to make sense of the design choices. So home is 2-1-1. Road uniforms are opposite of home uniforms so naturally the sequence would also be opposite which it is 1-1-2. Alternate uniform is a wild card that can be used home and away so its simply spread out evenly as 1-1-1-1. I hope this makes sense to someone so I don't look completely effin crazy haha. But anyway thats the new way I look at this set. I look at the colors as a numeric pattern and like I said its helped me to like them much much more.
  3. I've been waiting 12 damn years for this and it didn't disappoint! Huge Hornets fan growing up, but I have despised every single aspect of the Bobcats brand since day 1. The name, colors, logos, uniforms, court designs. All of it has been complete piles of ****. So Christmas has come early! I really hope they put out some nice unis to go with these logos. Overall I'm verrrrrry happy with what they've done so far. Welcome back Hornets! I mean just look at how much better this stuff is. From the ugliest crap in the NBA to one of the best imo.
  4. You quite obviously don't know much about the situation. Johnson was a failed owner from day 1. Blame CAN be placed on the city, but the bulk of the responsibility lies on Bob and he refuses to accept any of it.
  5. I'm thinking there is a STRONG chance this name change will happen. 1st Jordan said he would absolutely consider it if he got the feeling from the public that they want a change. Then BOB Johnson went on to trash Charlotte AGAIN, and now people in Charlotte hate him more than ever. I have no problem supporting the Bobcats, but there is a growing number of people who can't stand the team being named after BJ. I say there will be a pretty big outcry to Jordan to get this guys name out of the team now. It does kind of suck to be partly named after someone who trashes the city and local businesses multiple times.
  6. These will finally be worn this week. I'm very interested to see how they look in action.
  7. Wonder why the Bobcats won't just go ahead and make their primary logo change official. They are using the current secondary logo on all their sites as the primary mark. The writing is on the wall, just dump the current primary already. Team Site Team Store Team Blog
  8. It's called people have different opinions. The response to them has been overwhelmingly positive.
  9. Striping looks much different than what we saw on the home uni leak. Either the Bobcats changed it or Live just has it wrong. Hopefully Live is wrong here, because I like the leaked picture better.
  10. UNC better on the court and off. I've had four close relatives graduate from NC State so I'm a small fan, but that is just weak. >
  11. Wait, let me guess, the road unis are going to be...BLUE!! Just like 18 other teams in the league. So were the ones last year. So that doesn't make a difference. I bet there will be an orange alt. Orange was still their primary road uniform, they just wore the alternates more often. And there won't be any new alt until at least the 2011-12 season. They wore the blue on the road for probably ~95% of their games. It may not have been "official", but the orange was phased out last year. I do wish they would have kept it more prominent though.
  12. Wait, let me guess, the road unis are going to be...BLUE!! Just like 18 other teams in the league. So were the ones last year. So that doesn't make a difference. I bet there will be an orange alt.
  13. To me from what I can see that Bobcats uni is a massive upgrade IMO. Yes it's a bit cliche with the pinstripes and their originals were unique, but damn they look so clean in comparison. I'm loving what I see so far.
  14. I agree, but there hasn't been anything about it. Plus Bob Johnson is trying desperately to sell the team so I don't know why he would care to do anything like that right now. The only thing I'm saying is that not one person can come up with any source at all that says the Bobcats are getting new jerseys this season. We will find out soon enough though.