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  1. thank god texans management made the right decisions. which isn't to say the others are bad logos per se but they are not really modern enough to be a houston texans logo. if we were talking about the Dallas Texans or the Houston Oilers of the AFL of the 1960's, i probably could see one of those being use. if dallas wanted to reduce the Star logo and go with a more "cowboy" look those would be a good start, maybe even modernize it. the cowboy face and the bucking cowboy are good contenders for a new cowboys logo. course i wouldn't mind seeing someone do a cowboys concept using one of those logos. i however do dig that cursive texans wordmark. i also like that titans logo. one of our great designers on the board could fix that logo up and make it a real good titans logo. im not being sarcastic either, there are some really good designers on the board and some of you could do a heck of a job turning these logos in to professional level logos. if anyone wants to take on the challenge of doing so. that would be cool.
  2. that sux. coaches should be able to wear what ever they want, even if it is a toga with a team logo on it. a coach looking like he is right out of Animal House(funny movie btw) would kick ass.
  3. im not a big fan of the name wizards, i would much prefer the name Magi (not magic but magi). I didn't like the fact the Bullets had to change for PC reasons. so theres already a bias there against the wiz. as a team name wizards or magi as i prefer for another city like New Orleans or Charlotte i wouldn't mind. the logo doesn't bother me to badly i could be used for any city with the team name Wizards.
  4. or they could update the yellow to metallic gold.
  5. Top 5: 5. Falcons 4. Seahawks 3. Cardinals 2. Bucs 1. Texans Bottom 5: 5. Steelers (update the damn thing already with the team colors.) 4. Patriots (not a fan of the Flying Kerry logo) 3. Browns(if the bulldog logo was the primary then the browns would probably be in top 5) 2. Bengals (a "B" how inspiring) 1. Titans (if they used the re-did rebel flag version i found they would be in the top 5)
  6. i assume you made this as an alternate to the "winged angel" set the angels had. if thats the case then it looks promising.
  7. this makes a good hamilton tigers hockey to baseball cross over. if the detroit tigers have used this color scheme in the past, most people weren't alive when they last have used it.
  8. awsome work. if i was the seattle tsunamis, i'd keep the name.
  9. go with a black hat and you got your self a solid concept.
  10. may i suggest RC's nu-baseball template found here: RC Baseball Template its what ive used for my buffy the red sox slayer and the nu-yankees concept.
  11. its better than what theyhave now. as an alternate this works wonders, im curious what a white and maroon version would look like. i really like the template and i wouldn't mind seeing the ducks update to a similar template.
  12. mavs, spurs, pistons and heat will win. then the spurs and pistons will win and the pistons will win. just a guess really
  13. i never payed attention to this. i don't watch Eurabian sports so i don't know how they do it in Eurabia.
  14. im liking the t-wolves concept. i like the font the t-wolves use, varsity numbers would um, bore the jerseys. the tree colors definately sets the these jerseys off from teams like the mavs. btw i like tree colors number 1. also to do the arch font, probably the best thing to do is use the draw tool and set it to Point to point. then insert text along the line and it should curve for you. i use psp7 and i have a devil of a time with it.
  15. everyone knows my positions on this issue. btw im of irish decent and i don't find the ND irish logo offensive even though most irish i have met aren't leprechauns cept for the leper-con o'reilly. 'nuff of the pc garbage, i want to talk about the incredibly awesome designs. 1. the chiefs- i am of the opinion that the chiefs need a change. from a subtle change of adding black to the color scheme to a flat out overhaul. i personally like what you have with the updated arrow head, and the indian head secondary logo. the chiefs really need to add black to there unis and you address this issue nicely. theres no sense in having a black in the logo and just use red/yellow for the uni color scheme. i don't think the chiefs have been in the playoffs since super bowl 3. they certainly havent won anything since. so tradition isn't lost. 2. vikings - all i can say is perfect update. i like the updated logos, wordmark and the secondary logo. which has that barbarian look to it which i absolutely love. the vikings were one of my favorite barbarians to learn about in high school. i like the modernization of the logo/unis. what they have now needs to be updated and modernized. they still have the same look from when they lost 4 strait super bowls. a change would help this team. maybe not a total overhaul but definately a change. man i still cant get over that ax logo, the vikings really need to use that logo.